‘Come To My House With Your Sister And See If I’m Gay’ – Zlatan Ibrahimovic

By Ollie Irish

In which Zlatan deals with the fallout from that photo by bragging about his how much he likes to bed the ladeez.

Methinks Zlatan doth protest too much.

Camp Drog says:

“Let a woman be a woman and a man be a man. Naughty!”

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  1. Adam says:

    You know guys, I think we’re missing the point–Ibra has great Spanish.

  2. megaman789 says:

    Well the sister joke would have worked better if he had said that to a male reporter…

  3. Jon says:

    He had a boyfriend already when he was 17.


  4. Joel says:

    haha NO u idiot he has never had a boyfriend,Im from sweden and he is as straight as u can be.Now people can think he is a douge bag or in deniel when saying that line to the female reporter but thats wrong cause the truth is thats Ibras personality! that is something he could say even if he wasnt called gay.He dosent care what people think and does what he want and IF he were gay (wich hes not the people hwo think he is is idiots cause of one photo were the arnt doing anything!) but if he were as i said he would say: I fuck guys,do u have a problem with that?

    He is a honest guy and offcourse he dont wants to be called gay when he isnt and when he dont like gays like ronalda :) yeah bitch! Ibra is kingskit and he fucks ladies but most his wife :P

  5. Male Piquet Fan says:

    Maybe Ibrah just wants a double-witnessed demonstration of his gayety.
    And what about his tender staring at Ronaldo …?
    Joel, do you really believe what u said? I don’t! what’s is wrong in being gay and loving another man, dude? Specially such a lovely hunk like Piquet, OMG!

  6. Anonymous says:

    ibra u should not be in Barcelona cuz all of Barcelona is gay dan up 2 the world best ppl say is gay who u feel in Barcel ona very gayyyyyyyyyyy ehehehe

  7. Joel? says:

    Joel, you sound like a t00l. You know jack abut what these guys do behind closed doors!

    How is his response cool? It’s offensive to gays and their friends and it is offensive to his wife by asking another woman to sleep with him effectively. Which makes him look as if he’s a child who can’t handle it. Which obviously he can’t. I think he might be bisexual based on his stupid response and sounds alarmed that it’s been found out. That shouldn’t be a problem but it is in the mentality of football fans who can’t handle sophisticated concepts beyond a plate of chips.

  8. RedSkywalker says:

    Hahahaha, how many times did Joel just contradict himself?

  9. Carlinha says:

    Yeah sure, we make some cake together i love him, hes a really nice cooker.

  10. Anâl Kúnt says:

    I remember one night in Malmo when Zlatan was a rampant beast, he longed to access my virginal asshole and one night after his side had vanquished Degerfors, he and I were the only 2 people left in the showers.

    That night he took control of me and proceeded to have his way with me; he used me like the slut I knew I was – I asked him about protection and he would scream at me “Zlatan will cum inside his slave’s ass”

    When I saw the pictures of Zlatan and Pique, naturally I was jealous but later I felt sorrow more than shame; sorrow for the fans of Shakira who had long laboured under the impression that she was a biological female. After the fifth orgy in which Zlatan and Shakira filled my rectum with hot semen I knew it was time to quit my job with Swedish TV and become a full-time homosexual escort.

    Yours, Freddie Ljungberg

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