Video: Belgian player has heart attack on pitch but is shocked back to life!

Ollie Irish

9th, June 2009


Anthony Van Loo was diagnosed with a heart condition in June 2008 but allowed by doctors and Uefa to resume his playing career, on the condition that he have a defibrilator implanted in his chest.
Thankfully, when the young Roeselare defender had a real heart attack during a Belgian league match against Royal Antwerp this weekend, the defibrilator did its job – it gave Van Loo’s heart a shock just four seconds after the attack, which probably saved the 20-year-old’s life.
Watch a video of the incident below…

It’s a real-life Crank! Can you imagine playing football but knowing that at any time you could have a heart attack? That must make it hard to concentrate on the game, surely.
I don’t know where this leaves Van Loo’s career. If I was him, I’d think twice about stepping back onto a football pitch (but then I am a pussy, whereas Van Loo clearly isn’t). Get well soon, Anthony.
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  1. Seb Cerami says:

    omg that is amazing…i want one

  2. mucky says:

    You can have one. Just start eating lard everyday and you’ll get a heart attack soon enough.
    That is pretty amazing – good on uefa for insisting on installing the defib implant. Hope Van Loo recovers well.

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