Czech Side Bohemians Take Part In Bizarre, Partially Nude Ballet During Training (Video)

Alan Duffy

27th, October 2011

By Chris Wright

Either referee Drunko McSkunko is hallucinating again, or Czech side Bohemians 1905 actually did put on some kind of strange, partially nude ballet during their training session a couple of days ago…

For those who are now feeling the need to thoroughly wash, ring out and steam-press your eyeballs, here’s the official blurb to help clear everything up:

“A naked artist and players of Bohemians 1905 football team will perform on the field on October 22nd, 2011 at the famous Bohemians 1905 stadium in Prague during the ‘Bohemians at Bohemka: What Happens When an Artist Misses the Ball’ event, part of 16th ‘4+4 Days in Motion’ Performing Arts Festival.”


Via Offside.

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