World Cup: Germany Midfielder Sami Khedira Politely And Efficiently Side-Steps ‘Plane Ticket’ Prank Attempt From Swedish Journalist (Video)

Chris Wright

21st, June 2018

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Speaking to the press at Germany’s World Cup training camp, Sami Khedira showed some fleet mental footwork (should such a thing exist) to evade a cheeky ruse from a Swedish journalist.

During a media session in Vatutinki on Thursday afternoon, Expressen reporter Ludvig Holmberg attempted to lure Khedira in by offering both him and his Mannschaft teammates early plane tickets home from the World Cup.

Germany suffered a shock defeat against Mexico in their opening Group F tie, with the reigning champions now set to face Sweden in a make-or-break second outing.

“When you lose against Sweden on Saturday, you’re already on your way home so I have some boarding passes for you and your teammates,” came Holmberg’s opening gambit.

However, Khedira was more than prepared for battle and sure enough the Juventus midfielder quickly snuffed out the danger with devastating politeness…

“Thank you, but we won’t need them. We think we can win this game,” came Khedira’s response.

“Maybe you’ll need them after the game instead?” said Holmberg, once again trying to slot the joke home on the rebound.

However, Khedira refused to let the punchline cross the line, replying “I think we’ll need them on the 16th July (the day after the World Cup final),” before walking off.

Bit of a painful outcome for the boy Ludvig, but we’re sure he’ll be able to run it off eventually.

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