World Cup Photos: Italy Hold New Zealand To Draw 1-1

Paul Sorene

20th, June 2010


TO the Mbomela Stadium, Nelspruit, to see Italy draw 1-1 with the mighty New Zealand. There is no professional football league in New Zealand. In Italy there is. For the Kiwis, Shane Smeltz scored a goal, or “try” as his teammates call it. The Italians then opted for gamesmanship and moaning over flair. And it paid off when Italy’s Daniele De Rossi was fouled by New Zealand’s Tommy Smith in the penalty box. Italy’s Vincenzo Iaquinta scored. And the Kiwis were held. A fine result for Italy and Fabio Capello…


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An Italian fan shows support for her country in the stands before kick off

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  1. spectator says:

    shame about the penalty. you know you shouldn’t place hands on an italian anywhere near the goal. he’ll go straight down.

  2. Deckard says:

    Although he initially held him, De Rossi went down too theatrically yeah. But NZ’s goal was off-side. In fact, Smeltz was miles off-side.

    Italy in general look absolutely pathetic. It’d be nice if they didn’t go through so they can go back to the drawing board and start from scratch.

  3. Nick Sincere says:

    Iddilee ur shyte!

  4. dan says:

    the fan in picture 10 clearly did his face paint looking in a mirror!!

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