World Cup Photos: USA 1 – 0 Algeria

Paul Sorene

23rd, June 2010


IN the film of the match of the World Cup, Landon Donovan will be played by a young Mel Brooks. The US beat Team Algeria by one goal to nil and win their group. Will the US go on to win the World Cup? And if they do what will happen to it? Think big. Thing brash. Think full of Coca Cola and coated in cheese…


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USA's Landon Donovan reacts at the final whistle

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  1. kritter says:

    Love that the US pulled this one off. Algeria are thugs. More than one of the US players had to get stitches in their faces after the game. Not to mention the boys had to overcome yet ANOTHER perfectly fair and perfectly earned goal disallowed.

  2. kaya says:

    Stuffed with cheese and deep fried.

  3. kaya says:

    and dipped in whale blubber…

  4. Anonymous says:

    fuck off

  5. Pitre says:

    and sprinkled with sausage bits

  6. Joe says:

    Hey, Landon scored a great field goal yesterday! DEE-FENCE DEE-FENCE!

  7. Deckard says:

    USA deserved it. But I hope they lose to Ghana cuz otherwise Americans will think they’re actually a superpower in Soccer too.

  8. fuck st george says:

    @Deckard – Americans have been to the round of 8 before, and we don’t think we’re a soccer “powerhouse.”

    You English are such self-righteous bastards, deciding who “deserves” to win and who doesn’t, simply based on the nation they’re from.

    And once again, I’ve never eaten more friend food than the last time I went to London. Good God, you can’t get a beer without having fried and breaded everything shoved down your throat.

  9. railhawksfan says:

    We are not a superpower yet and most USMNT fans except the deranged ones will quickly admit to that. However, I dare you to show me a singular example of another country that has come this far in the world of soccer in 20 years as our team. The next generation of US players will be even better — supported by the infrastructure of a competent federation and NIKE dollars. Keep laughing and making snide remarks because the joke is on you!!!

  10. Michael says:

    Great US team. Donovan and Dempsey – perfect age. Altidore and Bradley – young and powerful. Great keepers. Best team spirit…

  11. bradleyforprimeminister says:

    At least the US manager doesn’t have to babysit his spoiled-rotten players. Haha, no beer… priceless. It’s like the English players are athletic 7 years olds.

  12. shay says:

    Even die hard football fans in the US know we ain’t there yet. But we can dream!

  13. Ryan Kam says:

    If I was an English fan, I’d be a lot more worried about our own team advancing right now. We may not have as many skilled players as other countries, but we have team chemistry and we all want to win as a team. I’ll start worrying about our team once we start knocking up each other’s exes and attempting coups of our head coach.

  14. Deckard says:

    Well that’s simple, South Korea. From easy beats they’ve come to a strongly organised, very disciplined, and tactically capable side within no time. As recently as 1998 they were still trounced 5-0 by Holland but are now a serious challenge for any team. Argentina’s big win was some what flattered by the fact that one was an own goal and Korea certainly had some glorious chances to make it a closer finish then it was. If we look at WC results only then SK have further than the US seeing they’ve gotten to the last 4 and the US still gotta go beyond the Quarters.

    Besides, countries like Korea and Japan have also outstanding youth academies and taken onboard a lot of European coaches and material. It’s not like the US are the only newcomers who’re making progress.

    Having said that, that’s by no means a guarantee the next generation “will be even better”. That’s what your hoping for, but you don’t know that. What’s a fact though is that soccer is still by and large a minority sport in the US and a lot of youngsters who play soccer at an early age tend to switch to football or baseball in their teens. So the mentality’s gotta change first and that doesn’t happen in 10-20 years that could take 100 years. Though personally I think soccer will never really take off in the US.

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