Howard Webb Selected To Referee 2010 World Cup Final

Ollie Irish

9th, July 2010


By Ollie Irish


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England’s Howard Webb will referee the 2010 World Cup final between Spain and Holland.

The 38-year-old from Rotherham was selected by FIFA’s referees committee and will become the first Englishman to referee the World Cup final since Jack Taylor did West Germany v Holland in 1974, and the youngest in 72 years.

Webb and his two English assistants, Darren Cann and Michael Mullarkey, have officiated in three matches in this World Cup so far, starting off with Spain’s 1-0 defeat by Switzerland, then taking charge of Slovakia’s famous 3-2 win against Italy, and he did Brazil v Chile for the hat-trick.

Webb also reffed the 2010 Champions League final in May, making him the first ref to do both the CL final and World Cup final in the same year.

You know what, I am actually very slightly proud. Sad really, but then John Terry and co. never had a chance of making it as far as Webb. And although this news hardly ends 44 years of hurt, you’d have to be very hard-hearted to not be pleased for Webb and his team. That said, feel free to call him a bald twat as much as you like when he returns to the Premier League.

Get in there, Howard. Now remember: two, not three, yellow cards equals one red.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i think he’s the best ref at the whole shindig. maybe that’s just me. (having said that, there’s only been a few that weren’t god awful) at any rate, i thought he was brilliant in the slovakia v italy match.

  2. Michael says:

    It should’ve been the japanese referee

  3. Deckard says:

    He was OK too, the one who did Uru v Hol you mean right?

    But Webby ain’t too bad either, as long as it’s not some dimwit from the Seychelles or Mauritania.

  4. bill UK says:

    Howard Webb was very bad on the final Holland Vs spain !!!!
    is he blind he destroyed all the game even english players on ITV and BBC channel they were not happy with him !!!
    it was a mistake to give him to do the final the japanese was the one by far !!!!!!

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