Horror Tackle: John Terry On James Milner (With Video)

Ollie Irish

11th, April 2010


By Ollie Irish

John Terry enhanced his rep as the most odious man in football with this reckless assault on England team-mate James Milner, during Chelsea’s rather dull 3-0 FA Cup win over Villa:

Yeah, Howard, that’s only a yellow.

In my opinion, that was a worse tackle than Shawcross on Ramsey – it’s only because Milner’s standing foot wasn’t planted in the turf that he escaped a potentially career-ending leg break.

After the game, Martin O’Neill said Milner was “lucky his career is intact”. Quite.

The ball was not there for Terry to win. It was a 90-10 ball in Milner’s favour.

Conclusion: JT is a c**t of planetary dimensions. Milner is 100 times the professional Terry could ever be. How this laughable Mirror piece could fail to mention the Milner challenge just shows how blurry the line now is between the so-called mainstream media and independent websites such as Pies.

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  2. Dan says:

    So that’s a yellow, but Gary Caldwell’s ball-winning challenge on Tevez last week is a straight red? Is it any wonder referees get criticised as much as they do?

  3. John says:

    Terry is an odious chav.

  4. gc says:

    to be fair, the guardian and the bbc gave it plenty of coverage.

  5. Joe says:

    How can that piece of shit even resort to his automatic ‘shout at the referee, look indignant’ schtick after a challenge that bad? He’s lucky to still be allowed to play professional football.

  6. Ping Yang says:

    I’m tired of you OLLIE, any chance to attack JT you do. I’m fine with the jokes from time to time, but not at every chance you get. It’s pretty obvious you have a thing against Chelsea especially JT but do you have to be such a dick about it. Analyze it.

    Conclusion: It was a poor challenge, but he didn’t do it on purpose. AND Ollie is a DICK.

  7. max says:

    almost as bad as terry’s tackle is itv’s commentry. “full blooded”; “hefty tackle”; “to be fair, he got a slice of the ball there” – wtf? I don’t want to state the obvious, but if that tackle is made by a foreigner, or someone the mainstream media has crafted a ‘reputation’ for (eg: joey barton), then cue slew of moral condemnation. instead, itv as ever assume we let our natiionality rule our common sense, and therefore try to mould the tackle to fit with the perception of JT Lionheart Enforcer. I’m sorry but it’s bullshit. are the commentators acting on instructions from the broadcaster (ie: don’t criticise english players) or are the commentators themselves just idiots who should’t be allowed near a microphone? either way, i find it fairly odious. at least itv’s other vice of refusing to admit a bad game is a bad game – instead spouting spin such as a “gritty match” or “typical robust english fare here” is patronising but harmless. xenaphobia (or rather inverse xenaphobia in terry’s case) is not.
    oh, and terry is scum. what’s news?

  8. John says:

    The ball was not there for Terry to win. It was a 90-10 ball in Milner’s favour. Who are u to say who was supposed to win a ball that Terry actually won? After that Milner ran into his leg.

    Conclusion: You are a c**t of planetary dimensions.

  9. dave says:

    “it was worse than the shawcross tackle”
    sure it was a hefty challenge but he took the ball it was just the follow through that gained the foul. All this hatred of john terry is fueld by his private life but in football sense there is barely a complaint about him

  10. arseman says:

    Well he’s not that kind of player (or maybe he is)

  11. L gee says:

    You are all a bunch of wankers Terry is a A class player and you are all just looking for a scapegoat for your poor preformances

  12. Jelly Bean says:

    Red card. Go away JT, grow up and get some professionalism.

  13. Dave says:

    Terry played the ball, so how on earth can you say it was 90-10 to Milner?? 20 years ago that wouldn’t even be considered a foul.

    If the ball is bouncing up like that you can’t help but go in with studs raised. Just because the studs are up doesn’t make it a foul. I’ve seen a lot worse this season go unpunished.

  14. Jelly Bean says:

    No, I’m sorry, he doesn’t touch the ball and his studs end up in Milner’s leg! Bad, dangerous challenge, not a ‘hefty tackle’.

  15. HolteEnder says:

    To Dave… ‘just because the studs are up doesn’t make it a foul’ think your wrong there mate, studs up does make it a foul according to ref law! To be honest it was a bad challenge which other professionals have been sent off for. The cripe is with villa fans is that we’ve had so many decisions go against us when we’re playing ‘bigger teams’. (man utd game-vidic penalty no sending off; penalty against chelsea) also JT seems to never get pulled up anything (remember two blatent handballs in the game a couple of seasons ago vs villa). A personal cripe i have with JT is the fact he berrates the ref against anything that goes against him even if he has blatently fouled someone!

  16. Chris says:

    I’m happy to see John Terry making such poorly-timed and dangerous tackles. Once he’s at the World Cup and isn’t being protected by English referees, he’ll get sent off before halftime of the first game.

    Keep it up, John! Missing the ball and digging your studs into the player’s leg is nothing more than a robust, English tackle. Don’t change a thing!

  17. JTerry says:

    should be straight red, JT is a hack

  18. Tad says:

    Oh Max… well you nailed it! Yet another good old-fashioned robust, hardman, English tackle. No problem. Nothing to see here.

    As Chris says, yes please bring that to the World Cup and let’s see if the Brit pundit/media mass delusion stretches to South Africa.

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  20. Peter says:

    If Terry was off the pitch, has he should have been, Chelsea would have collapsed. Having to play over 60 minutes without your captain is tough. Also, the first goal by Chelsea would have never gone is as Terry’s shot went wide and fell to DrogBARRRRRRRR!(As ITV & BBC call him). In about fifty years, whose gonna remember Terry, no-one. Who will remember Milner, Everyone. We remember the nice guys and forget the cunts.

  21. isnt it physically impossible to tackle with your studs down?

  22. Avillian136 says:

    I used to like this guy wen i heard about how people talked about him… then i watched him play, if i was playing against him i would have beat the crap out of him right there, i mean its alright if u apologise right after but he actually claimed against it typical londoners (man u included) always cheating, u can’t say it was a fair challenge he fully lunged for the ball with huge amounts of force with his leg and studs in the air sure he got the ball but he had no idea if he was going to get the ball or not he gambled wen he didn’t need to, do u actually know how easy with a tackle like that it is to break someones leg. There is no doubt about it Terry is a good player thats y he is picked for the england team, but he is also the biggest dickhead and cheat known to football and he is a complete chav who is up to ending a players whole carreer and honestly i dont think he would care if he did, i am embarrassed to have him in the england team he is giving us a very bad reputation and it’s not even like a one off he has done numbers of things he is a disgrace to football and should be banned, who is saying that shawcrosses tackle was worse than his, in what world shawcross didn’t even cause the break because it was already broke and also if u watch thereplay of it in very slow motion then u can see that ramsey’s leg is already broke b4 contact so fuck off

  23. chris b says:

    Chelsea fans must have been sniffing Terry’s old mans ‘special mix’ if they think that kind of assault is acceptable

  24. bob p says:

    you can tell how the first commentator censored his original thought, upon remembering it was john tw*t face: ‘that was a (disgusting challenge)…hefty challenge’. c*nts. wish he didn’t wear 3 lions. most overrated player anyway – gabriel marcotti reckons he’s the kind of player who hogs the glory positions when defending so he can appear all heroic when heading it away. absolute c*nt. everyone who’s ever met him in real life agree that he is a nasty peice of work. On the other hand, i have also heard that frank lampard is actually a very intelligent, considerate guy, so fair play to him.

  25. mizman says:

    Anyone who thinks that there is some sort of public, personal attack on John Terry:

    That is One of the worst tackles i have seen in a long time. He knew what he was doing, Terry then tried to get out of the yellow card by moaning to the ref.

    Pull your tounges out of JT’s arse and admit that he is a Class A C**T

  26. max says:

    chris and tad: perfect point about the world cup and likely red card for an england player.
    Fair enough to the referees, i don’t envy their job and split-second decisions inevitable breed mistakes. what’s unforgivable is that the pundits/media can watch footage over and over again, from every angle desirable, and yet they still refuse to take any england ‘hero’ to task. not just on “full-blooded” tackles (at least they can wheel out that bullshit of it being part of the ‘english’ game), but also on diving, which some people still pretend is a foreign blight. when ngog and eduardo dive, out comes the moral-outrage – but despite gerrard being a serial offender, as bad as any player i can think of when it comes to diving, the media all look the other way. the hypocrisy is truly breathtaking.
    i don’t want to come across as anti-england here, i desperatly want us to win the world cup, but as chris and tad say, by letting them get away with it here, we greatly increase the chances of someone like terry getting sent off in SA for a tackle he has been allowed to believe is acceptable in the modern game. by not wanting to appear anti-english, the much of the media and, unforgivably, the FA themselves actually harm england’s world cup chances by deluding the players into what they can get away with – it’s like those kids who are spoiled by their parents and then can’t handle the real world without daddy’s protection.
    genuinly wonder what would have happened if milner had become another ramsey (which he so easily could have been) and JT had deprived england of a second player after putting paid to wayne bridge. my guess is another media shitstorm a la shawcross – by which time of course it would be too late. why in england do we only ever start trying to shut the stable door after the horse is halfway up the nearest hill?

  27. Tinez says:

    I agree with the poster above, Townsend saying that ‘you will go in at that height when the ball jumps up like that’ as a defence for Terry is reprehensible, he needs to have a word with himself. Clive Tilsley clearly wanted to say something stronger than ‘hefty’ but didn’t have the bottle to criticise the ex-captain. The writer may dislike Chelsea, but that has nothing to do with this disgusting miss-time of a challenge and Howard Webb sought to redouble his efforts as king of lack of good judgement this season by not giving the red.

  28. Birminghams Number 1 says:

    A horrific tackle by a man that sums up all that is wrong with English football. Terry is a scumbag with the morals of an alley cat and shouldn’t be wearing the shirt never mind the captains armband. Over-rated and built up by the media, there are far better, more upright centre-halves than Terry who could play for England, most pro-Terry ‘fans’ just follow the Sky propoganda

  29. Marce07 says:

    First, Terry is used to do those things because while in England refs won’t take any action against him, because he is “Mr. Captain”.
    What will happen at the World Cup?
    He is a shame!!

    In the Champions League has been disgraceful. And if, at the end, Chelsea gets this Premier League title will have a huge debt with Mr. Webb.

  30. Bluebybirth says:


  31. megaman789 says:

    @Ping Yang: You know what Ping Yang, the truth is that You’re an absurd Chelsea fan(that too a plastic one) who just can’t take any jokes for his team and has to act like a dick.

    John Terry made a horrible horrible tackle and should have been red carded. And this is not the first time he has done something like this. Also its Ollie’s choice whether he picks on any person or not as many times he wants and I think you’ll disregard whatever I wrote here considering the fact that you’re a narrow-minded cunt.

  32. Ping Yang says:

    To Megaman789,
    How am I a narrow minded cunt? Look man, I was just upset to what Ollie wrote in his conclusion. It wasn’t necessary to call Terry a cunt and unprofessional. This is not the first time he has attacked Terry (or Chelsea) and I respect it is his website and can write whatever he wants. I wouldn’t be on this website if I didn’t respect what he wrote, because I do. I just was upset that such a comment was posted. YES it was a bad tackle, I;m not denying it. I never said that it WASN’T a bad tackle and Terry CAN be annoying but I just wanted him to analyze he situation rather than attack Terry. Don’t get me wrong, I apologize for calling Ollie a dick, because he is very knowledgeable when it comes to football and I got upset.
    AS FOR YOU, Who the fuck do you think you are calling me a cunt? If I’m a dick than that makes the two of us!!!! I really don’t give a rats ass what you say. I am entitled to my opinion so instead of literally calling me a narrow minded cunt, try and think of a better comeback because your jumping to conclusions. Something to think about in the near future when you feel the need to attack some one else. Have fun, you stupid fuck. I mean GET A LIFE!!! my comment was all the way at the top, you must have read all the comments below it. Like I said I’m open for the jokes against us BUT didn’t appreciate the comment towards Terry. So I have no idea where you got that I was a narrow minded cunt and a dick from my small message. Anyways have fun ass hole!!!!

  33. Chris says:

    I agree, all of the ball was there to be won. But he got only about 5% of the ball. He intended to do Milner there and the ref, like anyone English when it comes to john terry bottled it. Anyone else, straight red. JT gets away with everything. Champions League final, 2008, spits at tevez, nothing doing. Bolton 2 weeks ago, handball, nothing doing. And i have always felt this way about that fat c*nt.

    Alos, I think Lampard is great.

  34. forex robot says:

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  35. Andy says:

    Oh look the Ping Yang Wank Club is back!

    Shut the fuck up Ping Yang. Go fuck your mom.

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