Ryan Shawcross: Smashing Lad, Lovely Family, Not That Type Of Player

Ollie Irish

2nd, March 2010


By Ollie Irish

Smashing lad:

Lovely family:

Not that type of player?

[First video spotted @ Arseblog]

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  1. United Rant says:

    Oh come on. Tackles that like happen every week. You might as well put up videos of Gallas on Mark Davis, which was a truly shocking tackle or Diaby’s on Steinssen, which was even worse. What does it prove?

  2. Ollie says:

    It’s not so much the tackles, as the Stoke City line of defence that “he’s not that type of player”, when clearly he is more than capable of being exactly that type of player. Thx for comment though, Ranter.

  3. Ash says:

    Stoke’s ‘line of defence’ has only been in response to the warbling of Wenger. Frankly it’s all bollocks.
    These things happen in football sometimes, and Arsenal’s record isn’t so great that Wenger should be balling out to anyone who will listen. It makes him come across as an even bigger ballbag than usual.
    The two tackles shown are a lot worse than the one on saturday, there is a photo doing the rounds which shows Ramsey’s leg in bits before Shawcross even got there.

  4. Ryan Shawcross: Smashing Lad, Lovely Family, Not That Type Of Player…

    From WhoAteAllThePies, this was posted in the aftermath of the Ryan Shawcross career threatening tackle on Aaron Ramsey. It features some more video’s from tackles made by the Stock CIty player….

  5. aussie says:

    Truly a Saint. He really is.

  6. Tinez says:

    Both sets of players were equally distraught with the tackle. The Stoke players train with Shawcross day-in-day-out and so know the type of player he is. Given the gravity of the injury Ramsey suffered, if Shawcross was that type of player, would the Stoke players have come out and said what they did?

  7. Dan says:

    Oh Christ on a bike, neither of those tackles are particularly bad, both of them are mistimed lunges for the ball. I wish people would get off Shawcross’s back, the lad went off in tears. Clearly the actions of someone who wanted to break Ramsey’s leg.

    If you really want ‘Horrific Tackle of the Weekend’ then look at Birmingham’s Liam Ridgewell, who decided the best way of shepherding a ball out of play for a goal kick would be to sprint twenty yards and throw both legs at James McCarthy’s knees from ten feet away. If the challenge hadn’t have knocked the linesman out then he’d have been sent of and publicly vilified for putting a young British talent out of the game for a few months.

    Oh no, wait a minute, the teams in question are two Northern ones with a media reputation for being boring, so nobody cares about them. Sorry, forgot my place for a moment then.

  8. smithy says:

    how dare he put in a sloppy challenge here and there? what an awful human being!!! kick him out of football!!! better yet, kick him out of TEH WORLD!!!!!!!

  9. Davef says:

    I won’t make any comment on Ollie Irish, other than to point out that this was the “expert” who welcomed Stoke City to the Premier League and described them as “the new Derby”.

    You got that as hopelessly wrong as your opinion on England’s Ryan Shawcross.

  10. wiganer says:

    I can’t belive how worked up you’re getting Ollie. God help everyone if it was a Spurs player who got tackled by Shawcross.

    If the governing bodies start listening to hyperbole merchants like yourself and most of the mainstream media then we’re going to see a sport where all tackling and body contact is completely outlawed, just in case anyone gets hurt. Great for players scared of a bit of graft, but I expect 90% of football fans to try other sports.

  11. Firstplace says:

    I heard Shawcross likes fluffy bunnies.

  12. hollis says:


    I hear he likes them braised with a port reduction.

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