Nott’m Forest Sack Steve Cotterill, Alex McLeish Lies In Wait – Why Must Fate Mock Us At Every Turn?

Chris Wright

12th, July 2012


By Chris Wright

It was always likely to happen, but Nottingham Forest’s shiny new Kuwaiti owners have made their first executive move – sacking manager Steve Cotterill to make way for a man of their choosing.

The following statement appeared on the official Forest site a short time ago:

“Forest can confirm that manager Steve Cotterill has departed the club with immediate effect. Mr Cotterill met with the club’s new owners, the Al-Hasawi family, yesterday and after long deliberations they have decided to make a new appointment in a bid to deliver their long-term vision.

“The club would like to acknowledge their gratitude to Mr Cotterill for guiding it through an extremely difficult and traumatic period and for retaining the side’s Championship status last season.”

Fine. Cotterill was a stop-gap measure. That’s perfectly acceptable. He performed just about adequately, but was no great shakes and exuded no great authority. So, who’s next?


N-n-no, no, please no. Not him. Dear god, not the Lifesucker. No, please, it wasn’t supposed to be like this… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

I didn’t think it’d ever come to this, but…

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  1. jez says:

    alex mcleish the midlands slut

  2. Anonymous says:

    So, the Al-Hasawi family is planning to get Nottingham relegated next season ?

  3. Hirsty says:

    Seems like this takeover is more Blackburn than Man City….

  4. Gary Megson says:

    You know you want me back.

  5. Nick B says:

    I’m literally going to cry if we end up with McLeish.

  6. pray4muamba says:

    when will mcleish realise that a 4-5-1 formation for a lucklustre team won’t get him anywhere but the bottom middle table

  7. A. Mcleish says:

    Och ye whiny bastards I’ll take this wee club back to the glory days of Rogers and Van Hooijdonk nae problem

  8. Marvin says:

    “…met with the club’s new owners, the Al-Hasawi family, yesterday and after long deliberations they have decided…”
    Put these guys on a jury and save some tax dollars. Certainly a strange use of the term “long deliberations”. My wife takes longer than that to decide on a pair of shoes at a half price sale…

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