Paddy Kenny In Trouble For Sending ‘Abusive’ 3am Text Messages To QPR Chairman Tony Fernandes

Chris Wright

23rd, August 2012


By Chris Wright

‘Fernandes ur a bum faced git!’ *Save as draft*

QPR have written a formal complaint to Leeds United demanding an apology after ‘keeper Paddy Kenny allegedly sent ‘abusive’ text messages to QPR technical director Mike Rigg and chairman Tony Fernandes – or ‘doing a Kevin Pietersen’ as it’s known in the trade.

Kenny – who has already had his wrists slapped this season for calling QPR a ‘tin pot club’ on Twitter – left Loftus Road over the summer to join Leeds and apparently spent his Saturday night baiting members of the Rs’ staff over their 5-0 opening day tonking at the hands of Swansea – mocking the result and, more specifically, Rob Green’s debut performance.

It has also been alleged that Rigg went on to receive phone calls from Kenny up until 3am. Several of the papers are speculating that Kenny may have been liquored up, as is their wont.

It’s childish stuff really. Leeds should just confiscate Kenny’s phone and write a sternly-worded letter to his mother warning him not to bring it with him to school again.

That, or Tony Fernandes should have just come up with a decent ‘fat’ joke at some point before midnight.

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  1. Al says:

    or a decent joke about his mate shagging his missus and then battering him for having a problem with it

  2. Jamie says:

    Notice QPR left out that their fans have been giving him constant abuse sinxe he left and have even been having a go at his kids. Anyone would be giving it back if they were on the end of that.

  3. pray4muamba says:

    childish, perhaps. but hilarious? oh yes indeed

  4. Flyer says:

    So how is multiple abusive calls at 3am to QPR staff giving it back to the fans?

    Kenny started the shitstorm against QPR fans a few days ago because he cannot handle the bitterness of being sold because we was so awful.

    Leeds cant be so “massive” after all if hes still obsessed with QPR.

  5. Jamie says:

    @Flyer A few days ago? He’s been getting abuse for weeks. And I never said he was giving it back to the fans I just said QPR didn’t mention the abuse they’ve been giving him.

  6. john ledington says:

    apparently pathetic paddy has been taking the mickey out of rob greens performance against swansea, rob if your reading this just ask paddy how many england caps hes got compared to you, shouldnt take him long to work it out.

  7. Jamie says:

    No England caps but seven ROI caps

  8. XYZZZ says:

    LOL @ john ledington, a moron:D
    @Al: biting somebody’s eyebrow off is not equal to “battering”. It’s actually quite coward and faggy thing to do

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