Cardiff City Owners Ponder Rebranding The Bluebirds As ‘Red Dragons’

By Alan Duffy

The wonders of (badly-done) Photoshop…

After seeing their team flop badly in the Championship play-offs against West Ham, Cardiff City’s Malaysian owners are apparently now considering rebranding the Welsh club by changing their kit to red and renaming them the ‘Red Dragons’.

The Asian investors feel that red is a more dynamic colour in terms of marketing potential, as well as being more synonymous with Wales. Plans are already afoot to increase the capacity of Cardiff’s stadium and to improve the club’s training facilities, but the plans to change the name and colours of the club are, unsurprisingly, already causing a stir. However, former Wales and Cardiff player, Ian Walsh, is confident that the owners will do what’s best for the club. He said:

 “They (the owners) are honourable guys, but they are businessmen at the end of the day and they realise it takes big money to succeed and the best possible place is the Premier League.”

“The fans have just got to take a backseat here. If the club were to get to the highest level I think everybody would be happy. I don’t think they should get into the illusion of losing identity of their club, because I don’t think that would happen.”

Club officials met with fans this week and released a statement which said:

 “On Tuesday we met with and held discussions with representatives from the local media, along with meeting with recognised supporter group and messageboard delegates. During these meetings we discussed the various options going forward, all of which are to be ratified in upcoming board meetings as already mentioned.

“As such we will communicate any decisions made as quickly as possible, but it serves no interest to comment in depth at this time until those decisions have been taken. We would anticipate that the review will be concluded within the next week, after which a comprehensive briefing will follow.”

However, expect a right big furore if the changes do eventually go ahead.

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  1. Toz says:

    As Billy Shankly once said “At a football club, there’s a holy trinity – the players, the manager and the supporters. Directors don’t come into it. They are only there to sign the cheques”.

  2. kevin says:

    while i like the idea as a welshman and cardiff supporter… Swansea JUST announced a very welsh second kit… so yeah, are all the teams in wales going to be red now?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Haven’t the Directors learned anything from other examples like Wimbledon or Salzburg? If you change the name, the colours or the place, the fans will turn away from the club. They identify themselves with objects rathern than persons, because players, managers and directors change more frequently than many fans their underwear.

    There is this nice italian chant that says: “we only love the shirt” which describes exactly how many fans feel in “modern football”.

  4. Vimes says:

    Perhaps someone could remind Cardiff that there is already a Welsh team, who play in red and are called the Red Dragons – admittedly, I’d rather we were still called the Robins, but what’s done is done.

  5. lfc_man says:

    It was Bill Shankly that changed the Liverpool shirt. Thats how they became the “reds”. I think they previously wore yellow. If people where fine with it several decades ago, why not now? Its not as if they are Barcelona or Man utd. I wouldn’t recognize Cardiff colours right away. It is changing the identity of the team, but based on the hope of building a more successful club.
    Name changes are not on, unless the Directors are fine with changing their own names.

  6. Beth says:

    ‘The fans have just got to take a back seat here’…Never a wise comment to make.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Cardiff City are the BLUEbirds. The BLUEBIRDS! I don’t see how changing the colour to an entirely different colour, particularly blue to red which, in footballing terms, is so often the divide between rival clubs, is going to sell more shirts. I’ve bought nearly every shirt they’ve released in the last few years but no way in hell would I buy a red one.

  8. Glenn SWFC says:

    If Cardiff are really concerned about their heritage and not finance then why are they playing in the English league? Surely as the biggest team in the Welsh capital they should be playing in the LOW and competing for Wales in European competition. I’m sure that the financial rewards of playing teams like Blackburn, Leeds and Sheff Wed(no bias here) are a lot more lucrative than playing TNS, Bangor or even the massive local derby against Barry Town.

  9. Toz says:


    You must be taking the piss.

    Shankly did change the uniform but not the shirt mate. The Red boys from Mersey have played in Red since 1896. Shanks simply added red shorts to go with the all-red look. Which he believed would make the players look ‘massive’.

  10. joe says:

    Don revie changed Leeds to an All white strip after Real Madrid. they used to play in blue and yellow before that

  11. dr gilbert says:

    Is there a team yet that play in all black? surely on some level thats a seller? (and i mean ALL black, not Juventus Newcastle etc.)

  12. Toz says:

    Don Revie was also a massive twat. Although the all white kits looked stunning.

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