Everton Unveil Stealthy 2012/13 Nike Away Kit – Black And Gold Bobby Dazzler (Photos)

By Chris Wright

Oh yes, love this – Everton’s new Nike away kit for 2012/13 as unveiled last night…


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Nike Everton 2012/13 Away Kit - Shirt

That is, as we call it in the trade, a bit of a bobby dazzler. Simple, understated and literally oozing gooey class all over the place like a bust Stretch Armstrong – that’s right, LITERALLY. It’s easy to get carried away with the gold detailing thing, but Everton have struck the balance between smart and gaudy perfectly here.

The kit doesn’t go on sale until 23rd June, but it’s available for pre-order over at Everton Direct.

What do we reckon Pienistas? Yay or nay?