Modern Football Is Rubbish: Everton Winger Theo Walcott Proudly Announces His New Playable Character On ‘Angry Birds’ (Photo)

Chris Wright

22nd, August 2018

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You work and train tirelessly for years on end, go to World Cups, win FA Cups and finally, hopefully, you’re finally afforded the chance to clamber to the very pinnacle of footballing supremacy – you find yourself included in a mobile game that involves chucking chickens at pigs.

As part of the ‘Angry Birds Evolution’ update, several Everton players have been shoehorned into the game as playable characters, including Theo Walcott, Gylfi Sigurdsson and Cenk Tosun.

Indeed, Walcott seems inordinately jazzed about the whole thing…


Pies think it might be time to withdraw from society and find ourselves a nice cave in the mountains.

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1 Comment

  1. Franny says:

    I think you’ve taken the curmudgeonly act too far. It’s undoubtedly naff but no more than that. Really crap football inspired merchandise that has been created with no other purpose than skimming our last pennies from our pockets have been around forever. It seems the digital format somehow irks people more.

    Pat Jennings as an oil filter? –

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