Man Utd 4-4 Everton: Yeah! Yeah! God Is Great! (Photos & Highlights)

Chris Wright

22nd, April 2012


By Chris Wright

Having not scored at Old Trafford since December of 2007, Everton duly went and snaffled themselves four in an afternoon (including two in the last 10 minutes), coming from 4-2 down to salvage and incredible draw against Manchester United – Steven Pienaar harnessing the power of the either Robbie Fowler or the big man upstairs to score the leveller with five minutes left to play.

It all went a little something like this: Jelavic (33′, 0-1), Rooney (41′, 1-1), Welbeck (57′, 2-1), Nani (60′, 3-1), Fellaini (67′, 3-2), Rooney (69′, 4-2), Jelavic (83′, 4-3), Pienaar (85′, 4-4).

The result basically means that Man City will go back level on points with United at the top of the table if they can manage to overturn spank Wolves’ little pink behinds at Molineux this afternoon and then go on to win the derby at the Etihad a week on Monday.

Over to you Bobby.



Photos: PA

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  1. Mr. Sparkle says:

    For the first time in a very long time, this will be an exciting run to the end.

  2. Adam says:

    It’s not at the Etihad. But it won’t change a thing sadly…

  3. M, Panada says:

    There’s a math fail here.

  4. yngwie j. malmsteen says:

    didn’t think much of pienaar before but his stupid shirt made me want to punch him in the face.

    anyways united’s defence was diabolical today, i have no words to describe the amount of fail from ferdinand, evans, evra and rafael.
    but the ultimate fail, and i mean the pinnacle of ultimate fails came from fergie when he put in phil jones for scholes.
    phil jones?
    by far and large the worst performer for united this season, out of form for months, bad linkup play, bad decision making, gives away possession all the time, save for a few beginning-of-the-season performances, he’s been G for garbage.

    so why put in a sloppy, young and unproven phil jones who can scarcely make difference when you have a proven provider in giggs on the bench? a man who at 38 years of age still provided many match deciding passes and scored a few goals too?

    like i said, diabolical all around.

    silver lining is that liverpool might finish below everton – and don’t get me wrong, i usually treat liverpool as a non-entity and don’t care where they finish, but my neighbors are bitters fans and were screaming when aguero scored against wolves.

  5. Rob says:

    I’d love to see him lift up that shirt when he misses a chance.
    God doesn’t exist mate! Get over it

  6. Nick says:

    agree with what yngwie j. malmsteen and rob said…

  7. Dan says:

    Wanting to punch someone for his t-shirt while cheering for a guy who’s been f*cking his brother’s wife for a decade?

    Never let it be said that football fans lack perspective.

  8. Room101 says:

    What’s with all the God-haters?

  9. Jarren says:

    Was an amazing match, but when the 3rd & 4th Everton goals went in I was in a state of shock.

    From 4-2 up, coasting, with Evra hitting the woodwork to 4-4 in a matter of what seemed like seconds.

    If we play like this at the Etihad, the final score could be a (bad) joke.

  10. Steve-o says:


    I’m sure god can stick up for himself. How anyone can still believe in god is astounding to me.

  11. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Didn’t Rooney get hair implanted? It looks like he’s thinning out on the sides now…

  12. Red_Devil says:

    @Mr.Sparkle, I don’t think he is thinning out, I just think he shaves the sides as he knows that will grow back, unlike the top where he got his transplant.

    I would love to see a clip or gif or Evra’s miss. Also the defense was terrible, United didn’t even seem that much in control of the match, forget what the score was,and I might as well say it because I know a United hater will say it sooner or later, where is Young when you need him?

  13. Carl says:

    @ Red_Devil

    Can’t find a gif of the Evra miss, but here are some good gifs if you are a United fan. There’s the Welbeck goal, the Nani goal, and Rooney’s 2nd (lovely interplay between him and Welbeck)

  14. Applesauce says:


    And you’re welcome, City.

  15. Applesauce says:

    lol. So in a drunken stupor it appears I’ve inversed a few letters.


    Come You On Blues.

  16. wolfinho says:

    please, could one player reveal a “satan is great” undershirt, just once? i don’t have a horse in the race either way, but it would be hilarious. either that or an over-the-top jesus innuendo. something like, “i feel jesus deep inside me”. kaka would don it. also, i had no idea nike had a kit deal with the almighty.

  17. Jarren says:

    @Applesauce: Come You On Blues?

    Well hey, whatever takes your fancy… ;)

  18. Fat Nakago says:

    @Red Devil — Ashley Young was off auditioning for the remake of SEA HUNT.

  19. Degs says:

    “but the ultimate fail, and i mean the pinnacle of ultimate fails came from fergie when he put in phil jones for scholes.”

    Scholes was poor and looked a bit leggy in the 2nd half.
    He probably should have come off earlier.

  20. syndex says:

    Atheist and everton fan, I could not care less what there beliefs are my annoyance is he is risking a yellow for lifting his shirt.

  21. raza says:

    how anyone still believes in man is beyond me as well.

  22. Dave says:

    Doesn’t he know that Nike was actually a Goddess not a God?

  23. Rob says:

    Pienaar, Kaka & co,
    Do you realise that by making sure that millionaire footballers score goals, god is actually neglecting his duties of stopping earthquakes, tidal waves, and starvation from killing thousands of people?

  24. raza says:

    Yes, Pienaar, Kaka and Co, stop riling up the atheists so they can go back to building buildings in earthquake prone zones, tidal wave prone zones and mismanaging earth’s resources for profit instead of sharing.

  25. Applesauce says:


    It’s actually much worse the correct way.

  26. Jarren says:

    @Applesauce: Haha, you do have a point there.

    Anyway, well done on the result. Everton showed what a determined team they were, and have been for most of the season.

    A much more solid team than the other team from Mersyside!

    From a (rather annoyed at the score) Man Utd fan.

  27. Jarren says:

    @raza: It’s not just God vs. Atheists.

    I am agnostic. I believe that there is something there for us after we die, but to actually take “sides” (christianity, islamism etc) is ridiculous in my opinion.

    If you’re not on the right side, you go to hell. Well in that case half of the world’s going to hell for picking the wrong side.

    Even though they live their lives properly and in some cases in complete devotion to their idea of god.

    Nah. That sounds wrong to me.

  28. yngwie j. malmsteen says:

    Somewhat agree with Jarren.

    But to clarify for Dan, yeah i feel like punching anyone who brings in mythical entities into the beautiful game. I would have given him a pass had his shirt said “Spider-Man is great”.
    Comparing Giggs shagging his brother’s sister to Pienaar being a cunt is completely out of line and therefore i’ll pay no further attention to your argument.

    There are people who unquestionably believe god exists, there’s people who don’t. There’s people who are violent religious extremists, there’s people who worship peacefully.
    I don’t judge them cuz I’m in no position to.
    I just think that Bible (or any other ‘holy’ text) is a valid enough proof of god’s existence as a comic book is of Spider-Man’s.

    I will judge though, an overpaid athlete who proved to be nothing but an attention whore, by lifting his shirt up to thank ‘god’ for helping him score while there are people in a much more dire need of ‘god’s’ attention.
    Just the fact that he put on that shirt before the game as if anticipating an opportunity to showcase how big of a cunt he is makes me want to facepalm.
    What if Everton didn’t score any goals and left OT with 4-0 result?
    Would ‘god’ be so great then?

    So yeah, what Giggs did and has been doing for a ‘decade’ is far from right but at least he is not a dumb bitch who lifts up his shirt to reveal ‘I’m Giggs, I shag who i want’

  29. stavos rapey says:

    ‘I just think that Bible (or any other ‘holy’ text) is a valid enough proof of god’s existence as a comic book is of Spider-Man’s. ‘


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