Ryan Nelsen Quits QPR Quagmire To Become Toronto FC Manager

Chris Wright

8th, January 2013


By Chris Wright

Ryan Nelsen is obviously willing to take extreme measures to get shot of the QPR quagmire, with reports doing the rounds that he is set to announce his retirement at a press conference today in order to take over as head coach at MLS side Toronto FC.

That’s one way to do it. Apparently Nelsen was merely planning to fake his own death to get out of Loftus Road, but was unable to secure a light aircraft to fly into the mountains of Bhutan while packed with explosives. It was then that Toronto called…

The 35-year-old centre-half is due to replace Paul Mariner at the Toronto helm, who was sacked yesterday. Toronto have also hired Kevin Payne as their new president and general manager, who named Nelsen as his first choice coach having worked with him at DC United a few years back.

He may be getting on a bit, but Nelsen has been QPR’s most solid defender of late. They’re definitely going to miss him.

Still, at least Tal Ben Haim’s on board.

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  1. __wowza says:

    kevin payne’s had previous success in spotting coaching talent, i wouldn’t put it past him that he’s found something good in nelsen.

  2. Ando says:

    The crazy thing is that he didn’t quit QPR yet. He is going to be a part time manager until QPR is safe. He is committed to Trader Harry’s sinking ship until they have roughly enough points to avoid relegation. He going to play this weekend. Insane.

  3. __wowza says:

    insane is an understatement.. make of it what you will, at the 3 minute mark of this interview he tells the radio hosts to “read between the lines” of whether or not he will leave the club officially.


    personally, if QPR can offload a CB who would walk at the end of the season for free anyways, they should take the deal and utilize the premium they get for him in the transfer window.

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