Eight Mexico Players Caught With Prostitutes, Robbed, Suspended For Six Months (With CCTV Video)

Chris Wright

29th, June 2011


By Chris Wright

“I’m sowwy”

Before a ball has been kicked in anger, eight members of Mexico’s young Copa America squad have been charged with ‘indiscipline’ and suspended by the Mexican Football Federation for six months after being caught partying with four prozzies in their hotel rooms in Ecuador.

Several local news networks are also reporting that the ‘women of ill-repute’ passed the room keys on and that laptops, iPads, phones, passports and cash were later stolen from the players’ digs.

According to ESPN, the manager of Hotel Quito, Roberto Ramia, has confirmed that they have videos showing women entering the rooms of some Mexican players:

“We have videos of females visiting at least three [of the players], entering with the baggage of the team into the players’ bedrooms.

“In one of the rooms, the National Police found a garbage can with the keys to five of the rooms and used condoms were also found.”

Ramia also claimed that the keys and condoms were found in room 109, the room designated to Nestor Vidrio and Jonathan dos Santos – younger brother of Giovani.

For the record, the other six suspendees are Israel Jimenez, David Cabrera, Marco Fabian, Javier Cortes, Jorge Hernandez and Nestor Calderon.

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  1. Riley says:

    You stay classy, Mexico

  2. Jose says:

    Why were they there when Copa America is in Argentina???

  3. natrod says:

    @Jose: they were there because they had played a friendly against Ecuador in preparation for the Copa America. I’m pretty sure it happened over the weekend, because on Sunday they were talking about how the team had their stuff stolen at the hotel. Of course that was before news broke about the prostitutes.

  4. Alex says:

    There theoretically may be some hookers on the planet that are worth being robbed, scandalized, and suspended over…these are not those hookers…

  5. TravisKOP says:


  6. Balls-2-U says:

    I don’t object to them calling in the pros (they ain’t the first and definitely won’t be the last!) and whatever the Mexican federation wants to do with them according to whatever rules they have is fine by me.

    My beef is that they were stupid enough to get robbed by the pros. Then stupid enough to report the loss. And as if that’s not enough, now they are poorer and humiliated in their own country. At least they used condoms, though seeing how thick they are, one wonders if they actually knew how to use it correctly! Mama would be so proud.

  7. chimpo says:

    heh heh qualitah

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