Gareth Bale Dives Like A Cheating Swine To Con Penalty vs Arsenal (Video)

Chris Wright

27th, February 2012


By Chris Wright

In which Gareth Bale does nothing more than dive like a cheating swine in order to successfully coax a penalty out of referee Mike Dean against Arsenal…

Sickening, literally. A bit of watery spew just came up. He could’ve scored, he could have charged past Wojciech Szzzssszzszssszesny and cut one in from the angle. I don’t understand. I just don’t understand.

It looked like hitting the dog shelf was the first thing on Bale’s mind. Why was it second nature to try and con the spot-kick? Was it to get Szszszssszzzsesny carded as well? To what end? It doesn’t even look like a natural fall.

The mind boggles and the stomach continues to churn.

Thankfully Arsenal then did the decent thing by going on to absolutely tank them.

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  1. Danny_Boy says:

    Friedel being rounded and carded??

  2. LJHarvz says:

    Hate to be pedantic but I think you’re meant to be referring to Szczęsny not Friedel.

  3. THFC_adleman says:

    Are you maddd!! Can you not see the clear touch on bales right shin from gibbs at 11 seconds, also you could argue that he goes down in anticipation of szczesny taking him out. His legs are worth around £30 mil! There does not need to be contact for there to be a foul, and in this situation there was contact from Gibbs. I think the ref didnt card anyone coz he wasnt sure who made the contact which is the right decision. Anyway Arsenal won so who cares, I dont think bale is such a bad diver as people make out, i think he anticipates hard tackles which are always thrown at him and tries to get his delicate monkey legs out of the way. Rant over

  4. Paul Kirkland says:

    Hahaha, you got laughs out of me by ‘absolutely tank[ed] them’. Good on you Pies!

  5. doug says:

    hmmm, why did you edit the last close up from the video? …. because it would clearly demonstrate Bale was clipped on the heel as he ran through.

    However, the tanked part was fairly accurate.


  6. Jay says:

    Bale has already been shown 2 yellows this season for diving…..sorry, ‘simulation’. He should of been given a 3rd on Sunday. Thankfully for him he obviously brushed up on his skills on the training ground for the derby and conned one out of Mike Dean.

    Oh well, justice was done in the end, 5-2 boys, back to the Lane to regroup! Ha!

  7. Das says:

    That was no dive. He was running at pace, being pushed by gibbs who clips him on the ankle just as szezney(!) slides in. PEN. Not that it matters at all.

  8. Patrick says:

    There’s no way he was touched. Gibbs pulls out and so does Sczszszcscczny. Bale’s been playing awesome. Why go down? Lame sauce.

    But LOL: “Thankfully Arsenal then did the decent thing by going on to absolutely tank them.” Near-instance karma?

  9. Rob says:

    He’s been diving all season, when a player goes sprawling with his legs spread out like that it’s so bloody obvious. I can’t believe the refs haven’t figured that out by now. But FIFA, UEFA, and the FA don’t give a toss about kicking it out of the game so it’s here to stay.

  10. Stuart says:

    As a spurs fan Bales diving is grating, however I dunno why all these arsenal fans are clambering for the moral high grond on this cos they’ve been doing it for years,
    Gibbs pathetic collapse in the first half has somehow been erased from memory when talking of diving

  11. berbatov says:

    he is ready for barca

  12. Joe says:

    Impartial Fulham fan here. Think there was contact. Makes a meal of it, but what footballer wouldn’t?

  13. Giancarlo says:

    He dives all the time; anytime he gets a chance he plunks himself down on the pitch.
    I love the “in anticipation” jives. Could he not have JUMPED in anticipation? Considering that’s what footballers do to avoid the goalie when there is no chance of a goal.
    What kind of a world would it be if we all flung ourselves to the ground in anticipation of things?

  14. dc says:

    CLEAR contact from Gibbs if you look at it from the other angle. call Bale a cheater on that other dive of his from a few months ago but not on this one…

  15. chet says:

    you seem to have forgotten the fact that hes a BRITISH LAD! THAT MEANS HE IS PHYSICALLY INCAPABLE OF DIVING!

  16. Murray says:

    Welp, can’t call him “The Welsh Messi” anymore. Messi never dive.

  17. Unkle Tickles says: you can see that at 50 seconds instead of planting his right foot and running onto the ball the somehow misses the ground and flails his arms up like he’s been shot in the back. His timing was excellent but he still was going down no matter what. Szszszssszzzsesny brushed his left foot immediately after his right foot inexplicably missed the pitch (meaning he was already on his way down) so there was a little bit of contact but not enough to bring him down and especially not in the flamboyant way that he did.

  18. Gaz says:

    All he needs is a wink and he could be the next Ronaldo

  19. KingEric7 says:

    I see he’s going to fit right in at Barca.

  20. Anabelle says:

    King Eric is right. He’ll fit right in with Dani “Olympic Diver” Alves, Sergio “Dive and Hide” Busquets.

  21. DEETSTEST says:

    these stupid fools, there is a clear contact in that tackle.

  22. Chris says:

    He was “anticipating” foul tackles all game long

  23. Fat Nakago says:

    I don’t much care if he dove….it helped my Fantasy Football team this week….and sportsmanship be damned, that is ALL that matters!

  24. supa phil says:

    contact ≠ an excuse to go down, you mugs. suarez’ right foot had contact with with szczesny’s big toe today and went down holding his left knee. there’s no difference. they’re both cheaters.

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