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Pick a name for Tottenham’s nameless new stadium


Emirates Airlines won the naming rights for Arsenal’s Ashburton Grove. But which brand would suit Spurs’ yet-to-be-named new stadium?

I quite like “World of Leather Lane”.

More amusing suggestions please. Especially from you witty Gooners…

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By Ollie Irish on October 27th, 2009 in Featured, Funnies, Tottenham Hotspur. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

108 Responses to “Pick a name for Tottenham’s nameless new stadium”

  1. Mick says:

    the Kentucky Fried Chicken Stadium

  2. Ramses says:

    The Subway lane

  3. B says:

    KFC maybe a bit too upmarket… ‘The Chicken Cottage Cauldron’

  4. mjc says:

    Pukka Pies Stadium: home of an outfit that fairly popular in England, but completely unheard of in Europe….

  5. B says:

    The Tampax Arena?

  6. 'holic says:

    Never mind Goodyear, shouldn’t it be called Next year?

  7. spurs 101 says:

    the milky lane

  8. Joe says:

    Sainsbury’s Stadium: 3 (nectar)points with every visit!

    If Ledley King gets his way: Panadol Lane

    the Homepride Lasagna Dome

  9. Monty says:

    The Wish We Were As Good As Them Up The Road Stadium!

    Or how about…. The Tampons Stadium…. I hear a spokesmam from Tampon announced that “Tampon was happy to sponsor a bunch of c*nts going through a bad period” adding “it’s what our business is all about”

  10. Alex says:

    We Beat The Scum 5-1

  11. Omar says:

    Pale Cock Lane

  12. Richard says:

    Shitehawk Lane?

  13. AF says:

    The Canesten stadium.

  14. Clock End Gooner says:

    The Aldi Arena…

    “For when your dreams don’t match your wallet…”

  15. nobleman72 says:

    Black Ars Passage?

  16. stefan says:

    white heart lane II

  17. bert the gooner says:


  18. dannyspur says:

    How about the ‘Preparation H’ stadium. that way we would be able to stick it up the Arse’nal very time we play them

  19. martin90 says:

    How do Spurs think they will get planning permission for this new stadium. The transport links are terrible already in that area and who in their right mind would want to stay in a hotel in that area where you are guaranteed to get mugged as soon as you walk outside the hotel.

  20. Dilly Crump says:

    Looking at those logos lets hope it’s not Lego or Ikea that sponsor it, or more importantly build it.

    I would like to see it named: The Bagel Drome Or The Cock Pit or perhaps the Cauldron.

  21. Matt says:

    Forget sponsors. I would still go with the N17 shite Hole.

  22. Billysboots says:

    Got to be the “Goodyear stadium”, we do have one every now and again.

    but whatever it is i will still call it White Hart Lane, it will always be that to me, i suggest every Spurs fan does the same, unless its called the Nicholson Stadium.

  23. jorel says:

    Whats the matter Matt? Are you another Gooner soon to be jealous over the fact that we have money, we can afford our stadium and we have fans that dont eat Prawn sandwiches

  24. Shannon says:

    The KFC-Kit-Kat-Kool-Aid Stadium. Yes!

  25. Aash says:

    ”Wish-we-were-EMIRATES” stadium.
    Or I would go for ‘THE GREEN STADIUM’ coz that’s how they go when they see us and our magnificient stadium n team.

  26. arsenal4ever says:

    fucking !!!

  27. Welling says:

    The Billy Smarts’ Arena

  28. Paul says:

    I remember when they first showed off the plan, someone clever pasted EL AL on the roof. Very funny.

  29. John says:

    I remember when they first showed off the plan, someone cleverly pasted EL AL on the roof. Very funny.

  30. dannyspur says:

    The ‘at least we have won some silverware in the last 5 years’ stadium

  31. letsalllaughatt*ttenh*m says:

    the “think small” volkswagen stadium.

  32. Gooner says:

    Plain and simple name required, to reflect the past as well as welcome in the future.


  33. SpudMasher says:

    i like the way they describe the new council estate as a hotel!

    Jorel…. how can you afford this stadium exactly?!? oh it must be all that Europa League money and the tv money from channel 5 you get… sorry my mistake, you’re not even in that shitty cup are you!!

    Spurs fans cant even afford a prawn sandwich if it was in a tesco meal deal with crisps and a drink for £2… unless tesco accept milk tokens!

  34. dan says:

    stadium 1961, wheres the money coming from??

  35. Patrick Vieira says:

    “Lasange Lane”

    Oooooo Lasange
    oooooo lasange

  36. Gooner Jon says:

    Green Green Grass Lane…….after all they put £150 million of shit on it every other week!!!!!

  37. Jon says:

    dannyspur, if you’re going to take the piss, at least be accurate about it. We won the FA cup (yes, that’s the proper cup competition, not the worthless one) in May 2005. It aint May 2010 yet.

  38. dave says:

    The “most of our fans have never seen us win the league shithole”

  39. Gooner Jon says:

    4 By 2 lane

  40. Gooner Jon says:

    Front Wheel Skid Lane

  41. Lee says:

    home of losers.

  42. Stan says:

    The Little Emirates

  43. yido 111 says:

    the mansion arena

  44. Austingunner says:

    Shite Fart Lame

  45. gunner says:

    the priory clinic

  46. Austingunner says:

    The Ashburton Grove Sewage Treatment Plant

  47. Gooner Jon says:

    Austingunner wins!!!!! That’s a beaut!!!

  48. Fiona says:

    The Chick King Arena (Chick King is a fried chicken fast food, near the ground on High Rd)
    They could also re-draw the club crest as a giant fried chicken thigh, it would be yummy

  49. Rik says:

    Mel Gibson’s Nightmare

  50. Invincible49 says:

    Sad to see they are going to build a fairly similar looking stadium to the Emirates – but spud Levy sh*t himseld when he saw what we have now.

    By the time they build it Emirates will not be at 60,000 capacity but way beyond that. Arsene himself said the board should look to expand it to 100,000 and the design of the stadium has allowed that for our future. After all we have over 45,000 on the waiting list(They have about 25,000)

    If they allow them to have 60,000 then how could they deny us 100,000? We have the fanbase for it. At least we can build down and add at least another 5,000 fans, they have not allowed that in their design.

    Also we will have a new owner soon but we are managing our debt well, it has dropped considerably as the Highbury flats are being sold and soon the Queensland Road development will begin and we will be quids in! I am not sure about buying flats where their old stadium is….I agree with Martin about that.

    Besides, we have played in the Champions League for 13 years and they have not. Three Premierships to none, ten championships to two, three doubles to one, magnificent undefeated run and much more.

    Outside the Emirates you can see Henry, Bergkamp etc – sheer world class.

    Maybe they can put Chas n Dave and call it the Chas n Dave stadium?

  51. Dylan says:

    This season will be different Lane

    Top Four Contenders Asylum

  52. SpudPeeler says:

    The Optical Express Stadium…..

    maybe that way they can fix Harrys twitch!

  53. Darren B says:

    Pampers stadium

    Imodium stadium

  54. Spurzfan says:

    I’d like it to be called “The Mansion” :D

  55. jim says:

    I love these gooners.their stadium is muslim like their fans.anyone can build a stadium if they can go 400 million in debt!!and u can’t give those flats away for love nor money.if I were the chairman of the arabs I wouldn’t expand the stadium,I’d fill in the gaps in the stadium to try and improve the poor atmosphere.the benefit of waiting for your rival to build first is you can see all the mistakes they made in design and economics and cream them.jealousy is a great thing hey goons!world class design levy,truly spectacular.should be best stadium in the country!can’t wait

  56. ‘White Hart Lane (sponsor’s name)Stadium’

  57. hahaha says:

    cock stadium

  58. Mark the gooner says:

    How bout the kosher salmon bagel arena? Or the fish balls bowl ? Or the Toyota previa- Volvo estate stadium. All the yids will feel right at home!

  59. jorel says:

    Spudmasher – You obviously know the cheap deals as you know the prices…..Its well documented that Spurs are one of the richiest clubs in the country due to the support we have and the fact that we dont shoot ourselves in the foot with taking on development of projects we can not afford ……….Ar5ena1

  60. Yid at work says:

    White Hart Pain…. or

    Transition stadium…

  61. David Fong says:

    Papa Bouba Diop Arena for no particular reason.

  62. Mark the gooner says:

    The Churchill the dog stadium after harry redknapp, the Bronx arena after the dump of an area it’s in, or the crimestoppers stadium lol

  63. NorthBankGooner says:

    Well done Jim…. proving Spurs fans are the scum of the earth with your racist comment. Bravo!

    Maybe you should get a German company to sponsor your stadium?… Mug

    As for the flats that we cant give away you obviously didnt see our recent financial earnings did you?

    Another point in design… you obviously havent noticed how similar your stadium is to ours in design either.

    Oh and one more thing… The Arsenal make £2.9 million a game on gate receipts… do you really think the your 56,000 seater stadium will cream ours… unless Levy is planning on putting up your tickets prices considerably i doubt it.

    Do some research before making yourself look like even more of a plank!

  64. Mark the gooner says:

    Skull cap dome lol

  65. Squelch says:

    World of Leather Lane? Is that after all of Defoe’s girlfriends?

  66. jorel says:

    Northbankgoonerscum – Jim is a racist, thats not good, however he is right about two things, you can not sell the flats and your shit club made loads of mistakes with the designs, layouts and sitting the diehard fans in the wrong areas……hahahaha…..We wont make those mistakes and I hope we wont go arab…British would be nice or a rich Tottenham fan who will stay traditional and call it the Bill Nicholson….

  67. Daniel Levys Big Forehead says:

    the alan sugar dome
    the chas and no longer dave arena….. home to good songs but shit performances!

  68. Hodgsonater says:

    White Hart Lane would be good to keep…as its only just rebuilding it and moving elsewhere but basically in the same area…

    otherwise names such as
    – Haringey Arena
    – The Golden Cockeral Stadium
    – White Haringey Lane
    – Golden Hart Lane

    stands, the kop verien stand (Tottenham Hotspur clan stand) (Bill Nicholson Stand) (Haringey Stand) (Greaves Stand)

  69. mizman says:

    the ginsters bowl

  70. Gooner says:

    Yids arena!!

  71. up the spurs says:

    durex arena

    the tenna lady arena

    the viagra dome

    pork stadium

    anne summers arena

  72. up the spurs says:

    La Stadia de TK Maxx

  73. lolz says:

    Hotsperm Bowl

  74. a hobo outside your house says:

    [enter stadium name here]

  75. Terry Raccoon says:

    Wide Arse Laid
    Waste of Space Arena Park
    Mid Army Stadium (mid-table bastards ground ?)

    the Badly Built Bowl will probably be the most suitable

  76. alan sanders says:

    most definatly call it the mansion anyone disagree are just jelous off such a amazing stadium owned by the best team in england yid army

  77. lauren says:

    well if it were me i’d buy the naming rights and keep it as white hart lane… But its not to be so i reckon the mansion would be a good’n

  78. jim says:

    Ps just cos I use the word muslim does not make me a racist!you are sponsered by a muslim company after all.fact!a lot of your fanbase is muslim and your players.apparently the gooner female fans aren’t allowed to read the programme on a match day as it comes under education!!oh and you can’t sell the flats for love nor money.another fact!don’t make up our financial earning are….you are hugely in debt and on a tight rope financially.bancruptcy is a real issue for you.deduct from the millions you get each game for the ludicrous wages you pay your players [more than man u] and your vast debt repayments and you are in the red weekly!our stadium is similar in that its oval!!!!we won’t have any of the inadequacies though of being far from the pitch and design problems,limiting the atmosphere.we’ve pretty much done your stadium,just done it properly.also its nice for our fans to have had a say!!plus we don’t like to up our roots and move elsewhere for the 3rd time!rather a jew than a ….another fact lol hugs and kisses xx

  79. Yid at work says:

    Nothbankgooner.. It’s people like you who make this country and the people in it frightened to make comment about race in any form. Your poliltical corectness is what’s runing this country.Calling someone Muslim isn’t racist. The term in which it was said was a statement of fact. Stop trying to stir up things that just aren’t there you tool.

    Oh ! and our stadium would resemble yours it’s the same architect…

  80. Gnr says:

    The Marriot Hotel Stadium (thought this was pretty obvious).

  81. George the gunner says:

    Spuds Field

  82. Jimmy Buffett says:

    – The Suck it, Nick Griffin-Arena
    – Tesco Clubcard Park- 3 points with every visit!

  83. that was rather amusing says:

    The KFC Tottenham Hotspot

  84. arseman says:

    @Darren B
    Imodium stadium….that’s a good one hehe

  85. Slillz says:

    The Village Idiots Arena.

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  87. kakatk says:

    Walls Arena after the sausages cos there all skinless
    3 point lane ?

  88. Yids says:

    the YoutubeIkeaDebenhamsSky arena

  89. jam jam says:

    The Arsenal B team stadioum ?
    Wide arse Lane?
    The Spuds Arena!

  90. Omar says:

    Astroglide Arena

    btw, Jim and Yid, you’re both stupid wanks, one a trolling racist and the other a self-righteous prick.

  91. Em says:

    Now, I quite like “Naming Rights,” like in the original concept prints.

  92. Buzz Gorry says:

    Jim and Yid are right: Arsenal fans are all terrorists planning to bomb the new spuds stadium during its building. Because we know for sure they’re all muslims, and that muslims are terrorists.
    I must add they eat babies and never wash their dirty arses.
    Don’t call us racists, these are simple proven facts.

  93. eminar says:

    sperm arena

  94. dfjjsdf says:

    So long as the physio’s room is called ‘The Ledley King Memorial Injury Suite’. I guess ‘The Ledley King Memorial Stadium’ would be a decent name. I don’t really give a toss what they call the stadium, so long as there is something there mentioning Ledley King and his wonky knees.

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  96. jamjam says:

    mid table clinger WALL MART arena!

  97. Anonymous says:

    the Kool-aid Kop

  98. Anonymous says:

    Jack Daniels Fifth Place

  99. abraham says:

    the mansion
    the tiny little park where lots of guys watch other guys kick a ball

  100. Hilton Bucks says:

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  101. San says:

    Vagisil Stadium!!!

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  103. Green Dragon says:

    Northumberland Park would be more fitting bearing in mind the project.

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