… And Aston Villa Reject £20m Man City Bid For James Milner

Ollie Irish

20th, May 2010


By Ollie Irish

Manchester City’s £20million bid for Aston Villa and England midfielder James Milner has been instantly rejected by the Midlands club.

City launched their initial bid on Wednesday night and it took almost no time for a Villa spokesman to respond: “We have received an offer from Manchester City for James Milner and this has been firmly rejected.

“We plan to sit down with James and his representative after the World Cup to agree a new long-term deal and this remains our position.”

Or, put through the Pies ‘no bullshit’ translator: “Twenty million?! You’re taking the piss, you oil-rich, northern bastards. Double it and we’ll talk…”

City will be back with a new, improved bid to test Martin O’Neill’s patience – you can be sure of it.

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How much do you think Milner is worth?? I think £25m is about right. Certainly no more than that. This is James Milner we’re talking about – very hard worker, very good pro and all that, but he’s no Cesc Fabregas.

Also, I don’t think Milner’s career would benefit especially from a move to City, who already have quite a few midfielders vying for first-team places. Stay where you are, son.

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  2. Woodsy says:

    Oliie Irish – You are blatently a little bit mental if you seriously think staying where he is would be better for his career than if he moved to City. Anyone with half a brain can see that City have progressed in the passed 2 years. Even Fergie is saying he sees them as a viable threat to the title next year once they have strengthenedagain over the summer. Most pundits also see City as a sure fire bet to qualify for the CL next season and win the PL in the next 2 or 3. Tell me, can Aston Villa say the same???? He has just been voted PFA Young Player of the year, so surely he won’t be concerned about competing for a spot with the likes of Barry and De Jong, or even one of the wide men. Its getting a little boring hearing all of the jealous, bitter, baseless rants on these websites about citys buying power. GET USED TO IT! WE ARE NOT GOING TO GO AWAY!!!!!!!!

  3. Kipp says:

    Man City aren’t going away. Neither are Villa 6th for 3 years running with a bit more depth (ie not selling their best players to rivals) they too could shout ‘WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY’

  4. David Allison says:

    Makes me wish the Toon had put a sell-on clause in his contract. 20% of that fortune would have done nicely. :o(

    Financial nous never has been our strong point… ;o)

  5. Woodsy says:

    Kipp, don’t make me laugh. They bottle it at they have bottled it the last two seasons when they should have pushed on from 6th. Lerner has specifically said they must sell to buy. If they are going to buy players of quality to add ‘a bit more depth’ then they are going to have to sell quality. It stands to reason. If they sell quality they shan’t be improving on 6th. Simples!

  6. syndex says:

    The word that springs terror into the city board Lescott, proof that they can be held to ransom if a team does not sell a player. So go on villa take them for 50m

  7. j says:

    He’s no Fabregas and Fabregas is no Milner.

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