David Beckham Scores Couple Of Absolute Beauts vs Portland Timbers (Video)

Chris Wright

16th, July 2012


By Chris Wright

In which rootin’ tootin’ Sarsaparilla-swiggin’ Wild West barkeep David Beckham sticks a couple of gen-yoo-wine beauties into the score bag for the Galaxy against the Portland Timbers last night. First up, Beckaroo tonks one into the top corner from 25-odd yards…

You got to love the way Becks strikes a ball. Unique technique. Almost sensual in a way…

Sorry. Got lost in a bit of a moment there. Anyway, his second goal against the Timbers wasn’t half bad either, whipping one of his freekicks™ in from the edge of the area…

The Galaxy went on to win 5-3, with Robbie Keane also snaring himself a brace.

Video: MLS

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  1. SwissMafia says:

    What do you have to say for yourself now Mr. Pierce?

  2. Nuno says:

    Maybe that UK shouldn’t play with 10 men and a “figurine” just hoping for a freekick just outside the box?
    If Football had Futsal’s substitute rules he would be there for sure, coming in just to score freekicks.
    You can argument he might deserve to be there on marketing basis and for what he publicised the Olympics. But don’t think he deserves it that much for his playing skills (Giggs will turn 50 and still run more than Beckham in his 20’s)

  3. Al says:

    @ swissmafia – I’d say the Australian actor Guy Pierce would be fairly impressed

  4. Khairo says:

    @SwissMafia Mr.Pierce?

  5. abhi_gooner says:

    @ Nuno – Spot on mate. Couldn’t have been put better.

  6. Stuart Pearce says:


    That he’s shit and if you’ll notice, any goal ever scored in the MLS is a direct by-product of no one closing players down – which is indicative of that joke league. Seriously pick any video off youtube and have a look. I mean I assume that’s the only time you’ve ever watched Beckham play, right? Maybe if you followed his shitty lagging team from the start of the season – as I have done – you would see that I have more quality in my faeces. Furthermore scoring the odd freekick or two doesn’t mean you’re God’s gift to football.

    PS. learn to spell my name you fucking retard, it’s not difficult.

  7. qq says:

    remember the qualifier against greece ? 1 chance, 1 freekick could change everything..

    so imagine, GB is in the final, it’s still 0-0, it’s the 91’minute, freekick chance just outside the box..

    sure, he’s not messi, or iniesta or cronaldo, but can a (fair) football fan really say that he’s shit..??

    oh, well haters gonna hate…

  8. Selective view says:

    You forgot to mention a brace for scots striker kris Boyd for the timbers, including an excellent Long distance free kick. Not a star studded side but scored 3

  9. Stuart Pearce says:

    @ qq
    unfortunately it’s people like you and your backwards opinions that are keeping England from progressing. Despite years of mediocre tournament displays people never seem to catch on. Stop waiting for that special freekick, stop waiting for that set piece which Crouch or Carroll can get their big heads on. Start playing football, with technically gifted players, start encouraging good performances over 90 MINUTES – and not just hoping it’s 0-0 and that you can get a 91st minute freekick.. Absolutely moronic to think a 37 year old is the best Britain can do. AND YES HE IS SHIT. He used to be good, now he’s fucking shit. Watch MLS instead of typing up wonder goals on youtube. You would see how bad he and his team are.

    What really pisses me off is this: ‘1 chance, 1 freekick could change everything.’ GOOD TEAMS ARE CONSTANTLY MAKING CHANCES. Even shit ones are more ambitious than England these days. I hope to God that the next generation is being taught how to pass rather than swing in a good cross.

  10. Stuart Pearce says:

    scratch that, i’m a tosser.

  11. B-tep says:

    The fact is that Beckham at 37 is still playing regularly and would be initially much fitter than most of the players that haven’t played for 2 months.

  12. Isaac says:

    Amazing goals!! Beckham really has a unique style of playing football…

    He would have made more noise if he was younger and still in Europe, but well, the USA fits him better I guess… Especially with his celebrity wife Victoria…

  13. jon says:

    CLOSE DOWN THE PLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Graham says:

    Atrociously lax defending aside, Becks has wonderful technique.

  15. Rob says:

    qq says:
    “remember the qualifier against greece ?”
    just about, it was in 2001!!

  16. daniel says:

    if our shitty defense had 1) remembered there was a game going on 2) remembered he made a similar goal from the exact position in april 3) actually defended 4) watched the tape of him making the same free kick two weeks ago and 5) weren’t startstruck, we may not have gifted him two goals.


    and before you complain more about mls, just know we get those wolverhampton, qpr, bolton, aston villa, etc. games here on TV too. crazy boring.

  17. Fnarf says:

    I was watching that game with Mrs. Fnarf, and we were both shouting at the keeper to get over, he was apparently the only person in the USA who didn’t know he was going to put it around the near post, as he does every single time. The only thing the wall achieved was blocking the keeper’s view, but honestly a scarecrow on a stake pounded into the ground could have stopped that shot. Galaxy are on a roll right now, but Portland is truly, truly dreadful. The other one from open play was good, though.

  18. el_gilbo says:

    Beckham still has the qualities and ball striking talent which no other player on the planet can replicate. Fans and would be team mates would have loved to see Becks representing GB. Peacre should have took him!

    Ps this is a site for FOOTBALL FANS to give there valid opinions! Not for wanabe english grammar teachers to chastise peoples spelling!

  19. Jason says:

    The first goal, blame Gavin Wilkinson’s strange decision to have Darlington Nagbe (an attacking midfielder by trade, lined up to play in the hole in this match) to shadow Beckham, even though there are 2 holding midfielders behind him.

  20. Anonymous says:

    He had 15 chances to score against Greece and he took 1.

  21. Jan Mo says:

    Yeah he took one. But he made most of those 15 chances himself. H e was the only one playing. Anyone who was there and saw that match as I did will say that Beckham’s second half against Greece was one of the most incredible performances they had ever seen on a football field.

  22. Qq says:

    1 chance,1 freekick could change everything

    That was to piss off stuart pearce even more

  23. Qq says:

    It’s true though, 1 chance can change the game completely, we see that again and again, remember chelsea in champions league this year? Greece 2004? ManU 1999 CL final? Remember the qualifier against greece?

    Now go over-analyze this comment too..

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