Chilean Clanger: Segunda Division Match Between Fernandez Vial And Recoleta Plays Host To Truly Spectacular Autogol (Video)

Chris Wright

12th, August 2019


Image: @canal_CDO/Twitter

CD Arturo Fernandez Vial failed to put a few more points between themselves and the bottom of the Chilean Segunda Division over the weekend when they lost at home to Deportes Recoleta.

Things got off to a bad start for AFV when they conceded the first goal of the game 25 minutes in by scoring against themselves in stupendous fashion.

It looked like everything was under control as the hosts steadily whiled away the first half, playing the ball around their back line under minimal pressure.

Starting with the ball at the goalkeeper’s feet, seven slow passes were successfully completed. However, that’s precisely when things began to unravel.

As soon as possession moved up into the midfield, Pass No.8 went horribly awry only for pandemonium to break loose in the blink of an eye.

The ‘keeper flaps, the defence panics and the marvellously-named Bibencio Servin nonchalantly slots an instinctive lob into his own goal – and on the volley, too… 

From zero to complete self-inflicted implosion in a matter of seconds. Impressive.

Recoleta went on to win 3-1, thus elevating themselves up into second place in the table.

AFV continue to wallow down in the doldrums, hovering just three perilous points above the very bottom of the pile.