Aaron Ramsey Nears Return For Arsenal And Wales

Paul Sorene

6th, October 2010


By Alan Duffy

With the pitches of the Premier League starting resemble the battlefields of Europe in the First World War, with the bruised and broken bodies of young men strewn across the landscape,  one young star injured in action some time ago looks set to finally make his comeback.

Arsenal and Wales midfielder Aaron Ramsey broke his leg back in February at the Britannia Stadium after Ryan “not that type of player ” Shawcross clatterred into the gifted playmaker.  Much time has passed and many more players have been crocked since that fateful day, with the likes of Bobby Zamora and Hatem Ben Arfa two more recent victims of the “good old-fashioned English tackle”. However, in a slice of positive news amidst all the injury doom and gloom, Wales’ pint-sized caretaker manager Brian Flynn has spoken about Ramsey’s impending return to action:

“I’ve spoken with Aaron and he’s making great progress. He told me he will be back in full training in three weeks.

He’s a great talent and we all want him back playing again. It’s great news for Arsenal, Wales and of course, for Aaron himself.”

While Croatian striker Eduardo never really rediscovered his best form after a shocking injury suffered away at Birmingham City in February 2008, Arsene Wenger will be hoping that Ramsey fully recovers from his leg-break, both physicially and mentally, and gives the Gunners a welcome boost before the end of the year.

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  1. Michael says:

    I’m so happy! I would love to see him play together with Jack…

  2. ukyestony says:

    People who write stuff like this after so long seriously need to get a life

    There was no intent and its ancient history

    We look forward to Arsenal and especially that moaning french pansy Arsene Whinger returning to the Britt very soon to see real honest players playing real honest British football


    if he doesnt like tackling – suggest he and his pansy players take up formation dancing or erhaps even netball

    Mind you – for those of you with as short memories as Arsene seems to possess, I seem to well recall Arsenals last succesful streak being built on a very solid, well organised hard tackling back four (which is pretty much what stoke play these-days)

    no more – no less

    but of course – because he hasnt any players like that presently

    he doesn’t like it

    hypocrite and selectively blind bigot

    PS Ryan Shawcross is the best young centre half in the premieship by country mile presently and would walk into arsenals back four tomorrow – for all you sad emirates shower

    ‘in Arsene we trust’ — MY ARSE !


    You’re comparing pampered, millionare football players to WWI heroes? You’re insane.

    Second of all, GET OVER IT!

  4. dc says:


    aaron ramsey is also british, and when his legs aren’t being broken in half, he’s quite a fantastic british player for arsenal.

    also, he’s not a pansy, at all. he didnt get injured going into the tackle softly.

    i feel like this is what you need to be focusing on, rather than ranting about arsene wenger.

    positivity, brother, positivity.

    also, no need to double space.

  5. the grandson of a fallen soldier says:

    to compare a footballer getting injured playing a game, a game for gods sake, that he gets paid obscene amounts of money to play i might add, to the men and women that gave their lives for this country in the name of war is something that i find disgusting

    Alan Duffy you sir should hang your head in shame, i hope i never have the missfortune to stumble onto anything you every write again

  6. dnpma says:

    quite a lofty post, eh?

    and ukyestony: wtf?
    besides: i cant remember adams, keown, winterburn or vieira breaking any opponents legs… different quality nowadays kicking i reckon.

  7. dnpma says:

    + you sound racist. i dont know why im talking to you anyways.

  8. supaphil says:

    haha. ukyestony is a moron.

    there’s a reason why “honest” “brave” “hard-tackling” English lads end up at stoke and bob up up and down between the championship and the prem while a bunch of “pampered mercenaries” have finished top 4 and gone deep into EUFA CL every year. it’s your skewed and medieval attitude.

  9. supaphil says:

    Also, Vermaelen is 20x better than that slow mug Shawcross.

  10. Serious man says:

    Ukystony or whatever name you’ve got there… I believe I’ve not read so much trash in a long time like I have read, all packed together in you comment. Not even you believe in the crap you’ve written there!! You are so ignorant and arrogant, it hurts.

    Right now, (no malice aimed at him, though he deserves it) no manager with his head on hus shoulders, would hire Shawcross! Do you want to see how tired people are of such ugly football? Read about a certain Dutch footballer called Nigel de Jong (with your ignorance, I doubt you know much about him…) In brief, his tackles have made him unwanted even in his national team!! I’m sure that will teach people used to being roughees that they have to be professional in their game, and people like you to learn to zip it. You know, by keeping quiet, people may actually assume you are humble (which is a virtue) and it would be a risk worth taking, but if you keep opening your mouth and blubbering your mental diarrhea, people may read your ignorance in your talk. Now that is not a risk worth taking. Learn to only talk among your equals, and not to informed people!!

  11. Patrick says:

    so people just cant be happy when a player overcomes such a horrific injury, I mean am a United fan and I am happy for the dude, I want my team to beat a full strength Arsenal with no injury excuses and Ramsey’s comeback will quicken that wish of mine, but once I read what geezers here had to say I am shocked that few wished the lad a full comeback to to form……c’mon be nice…..this is a very young man and he has overcome what (In some cases) even 30 year old veterans have not…..

  12. Jim Thornton says:

    Oh dear.
    Where to start with a post like this?

    Firstly, legs have always been broken in football everywhere the game is played, and at every level.
    Secondly, it’s utterly bizarre to see this as some kind of English problem. For a start Nigel De Jongh isn’t English, or he wasn’t the last time I looked, and thus literaly incapable of delivering a ‘good old fashioned English tackle’. And isn’t this the same Nigel de Jongh who, in the World Cup Final, was a member of the technically gifted total footballing Dutch who as I recall savagely set about Spain in a cynical style rarely if ever seen in English football?
    Ollie, you seem to have become completely one-eyed over this issue of serious injuries in English football. It’s a shame.

    Finally, I wish Aaron Ramsey all the luck in the world with his recovery. A fantastic player, and one I look forward to watching grace a football pitch again ‘ere long.

  13. Malvern says:

    * Small editorial correction. Should read…

    Arsenal and Wales midfielder Aaron “I was trained by Arsene Wanker” Ramsey broke his leg back in February at the Britannia Stadium after attempting a studs high, over-the-ball, two footed lunge on gifted defender Ryan Shawcross.

  14. Spartacus says:

    im a stoke fan
    the thing that annoys me most is the french muppet wenger criticising us everytime he speaks. fair play free country and free speach and all that but when he starts singling out individual players (shawcross) that is when it crosses the line. Yes it was a bad injury and i feel sorry for ramsey as he is a class footballer but at the end of the day the tackle wasnt rash it was just mistimed, it could have quite easily have been the other way round. Shawcross is not a dirty player and he is one of the best centre halfs in the premier league at present plus he is english. Surely we should be encouraging him not ridiculing him for something that was a complete accident.
    Rant Over
    Oh and i challenge any fan to come and watch stoke play and see the type of team we actually are.


  15. Meji says:

    Not a Stoke fan or a dirty tackle lover. But they both went in and Ramsey came out the worst it wasn’t malicious..at all. Congrats though glad he’s making his comeback.

  16. wingy says:

    How can you compare a few over paid footballers that have broken legs to over millions that died on the fields of Europe in the 1st world war is a complete insult to those that died and their families,shut up.

  17. podolipotter says:

    As a potter, I am very pleased to hear that Ramsay is well on the road to full fitness and sincerely I wish him well for the future and hope that he is man enough to shake the hand of Ryan Shawcross when offered next on the football pitch. It is a dreadful shame that legs get broken on the pitch, they always have – and they always will.
    Thankfully, by far the majority of these fractures are caused accidentally and if anyone can honestly believe that Ryan Shawcross deliberately intended to break Ramsay’s leg, then I would urge them to rethink. I have only recently become a fan of Arsenal’s style but the manager’s repetitive whinging and slandering of individual footballers in opposing teams is frankly neurotic and wrong. Finally I must come back to wishing Aaron Ramsey all the best (except when playing Stoke).

  18. supaphil says:

    De Jong didn’t “intend” to break anyone’s legs either…
    But it doesn’t matter. If you go into a challenge recklessly, EVEN IF YOU GET THE BALL, it’s a red card offense. Read the rules. With that established, I’ve never watched a Stoke match that ole alligator tears shouldn’t have been sent off. He’s shit, and he knows he is. When you’re at the level of the premiership, you can’t make up for it by being brave and tackling hard and all those things that english commentators love to think is descriptive of england. He belongs in the championship with Terry, de Jong, and Henry.

  19. jamaican gunner says:

    hmm First of all best luck to ramsey and am happy to see him making a good recovery,fantastic player…

    Second stoke plays wondefull footbal so great that they have to push the opposition goal keepers out the way on set pieces….shawcross is so good that only stoke wants him…chris smalling have more potential than him…plus the other youngsters around

  20. Under The Radar says:

    Firstly, most of the comments here are racist. Ignore them. You can’t argue with bigots.

    Secondly, I wish Aaron Ramsey a speedy recovery and a successful career.

    Thirdly, RS made a mistake that nearly ended AR career. Don’t burn him at the stake, equally don’t sanctify him either.

    Thank you and goodnight.

  21. weedpnald says:

    Well this is absolutely amazing….comparing a pro Footballer’s in jury to the fallen warriors from last century is absymally limited journalism but what is worse is the acceptance of over-the-top Football tackling in any form by any player,English or not. As a retired international referee I can attest to two things that differentiate a fair and firm tackle from a brutal assault: intent and timing. A “firm but fair tackle” is timed perfectly, gets the ball first and is intended to dispossess the opponent, NOT cripple him or her. This is what the true English tackle is all about, and it must be done shoulder to shoulder or from the side or front, rarely from behind,although some can do it well that way. It should rarely be done between the opponent’s legs and never as a charge into the opponent’s back, nor should both feet EVER be used to tackle. If the player is injured due to any of the irresponsible and dangerous tactics outlined above, then the referee must stop play and award a direct free kick to the opponent,unless he or she is injured by such a bad tackle, at which time the ref may either caution or eject the perpetrator based on his judgement of the seriousness of the offence and intent of the tackler to deliberately injure his opponent.
    As far as being French goes, Wenger is no more vocal than SAF, Coyle, Fat Sam, but he does try and promote improvements to the game. You racist sluts,either from Stoke or hiding under anonymity should return to the rocks you live under and stick to buggering your grannies!

  22. […] an update to the news that Pies first brought to you last week, Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey has revealed that he is on schedule to return to the first-team […]

  23. dnpma says:

    well said #21 & 22.

  24. dnpma says:

    ah, except for that granny thing. not so nice.

  25. Earthdog100 says:

    Irrespective if you believe the Ryan Shawcross incident was mistimed or an accident or unlucky or just one of those things and part of the game; or whether you believe Ryan set out to foul Aaron and was just unfortuneate to injure him or even if you believe Ryan set out to injure Aaron in a malicious act; it is all irrelevant because the video replay shows Ryan did it, it was reckless, it was excessive and it resulted in a broken leg.

    And having done it Ryan says he has nothing to learn from it and will not change his game. That is disrespect of the highest order to Aaron and the game in general.

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