More photos of Landon Donovan in Everton blue

Ollie Irish

8th, January 2010


Like the headline says, more pics of Landycakes/Mandon posing in Everton blue (first batch here) at the club’s Finch Farm training complex:


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  1. EDub says:

    Ok, `Landycakes’ sounds funny, but WTF does it mean?

  2. Badger says:

    It was an nickname given to him by a segment of U.S. fans that thought he was soft, scared of playing in Europe, and didn’t show up in the biggest games (WC 2006 to be specific). It’s now used playfully, as he is easily the best player the U.S. has ever produced.

    The /Mandon aspect of the headline is the new nickname he’s been given after the tear he’s been on for the last year or two. He seems to really have turned a corner in his career and decided he really wants to excel at his profession. He’s always had the talent.

  3. little lord fauntleroy says:

    he likes pancakes i believe

  4. kaya says:

    There’s also that “swimsuit edition” shot of him at the drinking fountain. I thought that was where it came from.
    Idk if he’s “turned a corner”… sure, he’s older and more confident, but I think he’s still the same (quite good) player. I think Landon’s “problem” has always been that he’s lacking that over-exposure to testosterone that drives elite athletes in most sports.

  5. Cc. says:

    ‘i love yuh bby donovan,<3.!

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