Football Vine: Everton’s Ross Barkley Scores Superb Long-Range Curler Against Man City

Alan Duffy

3rd, May 2014


By Alan Duffy

Bagging  a wonder-goal which should book his place on the place to Brazil this summer, Everton’s Ross Barkley gave Everton the lead against Man City on Saturday. The goal showed off the midfielder’s technique although his side did still lose the game. However, one imagines Roy Hodgson will have been rather impressed with the effort.

Vine: DeeJayB

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  1. OnlyPaul says:

    Great goal. Almost like the Rooney goal vs Arsenal(when he was decent).

  2. justice says:

    Everton should be ashamed of themselves for not trying to were there for the taking and they just let them win.i hope arsenal lose to west Brom Everton could have still got 4th with a win. I lost all respect for Everton today.and they showed there true colours today.a bitter club with no ambition

  3. Holland 1945 says:

    @justice Please kindly do one you horrid little troll. Everton tried their best and were unlucky on the day. Had a good pen shout turned down then Man City immediately broke and scored. Naismith’s shot was stopped on by a world class save, then again Man City scored straight away. We got another back and didn’t stop fighting.

    The reaction when we scored our goals — from the players and the crowd — tells you all you need to know, in spite of what that odious cretin Martin Tyler tried to tell you, Everton wanted to win and our fans were bouncing when we scored. Maybe you should step back and take a look at your precious Stevie ‘DJ Battering’ G or better yet, get him some firmer studs, because if you fail to win the title the buck stops with you.

  4. stmxy says:

    @justice is this what you actually chose to believe watching that game? because it is absurd. even as a blue, albeit of the “red, white, and..” variety, i was all for liverpool taking the title up until i saw an actual sizeable figure of their supporters accusing everton of intentionally blowing a crucially important game which we stayed in until the last and were simply without the luck that seems to follow teams visiting merseyside late in the season. i hope you enjoy your second-place finish, because it is clearly more than the supporters deserve anyway. shame on you and shame on us all for having to deal with this grade of idiocy.

  5. Jarren says:

    I have to say that the Sky commentary was really rather biased towards the anti-Liverpool hearsay.

    It’s inconceivable that any intelligent Everton fan would have wanted City to win, considering the fact Everton still had a hope of reaching 4th should they have won.

    Forget Champions League football just to wind up the Reds?


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