Arsenal Unleash 2012/13 Away Kit – Start Wearing Purple, Wearing Purple! (Photos)

Chris Wright

12th, July 2012


By Chris Wright

Yes, we’ve already seen it leaked – but here’s a whole load of proper, glossy photos of Arsenal’s gaudy new purple away strip for next season…

Detail shots…

We’ve got to admit that the damn thing’s grown on us just a smidge since the initial retina-pummeling it dished out yesterday. ‘Purple stripes with red trim’ sounds like something Timmy Mallet used to wear… but it almost kind of works.

It’s bold, flashy and fresh – not qualities you’d instantly associate with stuffy old, patchouli and mothball-smelling Arsenal. Hell, they’ve even roped in something called ‘Rizzle Kicks’ to help launch the damn thing…

Now you’ve had some time for your eyes to adjust to the colour barrage, what’s the verdict people? ‘Likey’ or ‘no-likey-thank-you-very-much-Jerry’?