Millwall To Wear Special One-Off ‘Desert Camouflage’ Kit In Tribute To Injured Troops (Photos & Video)

Chris Wright

17th, October 2014


By Chris Wright


Millwall have announced that their players are to wear a special, one-off “desert camouflage” kit for their home game against Brentford next month in honour to pay tribute and raise money for injured servicemen and women.

Designed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the First World War, 1,500 of the shirts are to go on sale next Monday priced at £50 for adults, with £10 of every sale will be donated to the Headley Court army rehabilitation centre in Surrey – whose logo will also feature prominently on the shirt itself.

The Championship side have been given permission by the Football League to wear the strip against The Bees on the eve of Remembrance Sunday (November 8th).

And if you ever wondered what “In Flanders Fields” would sound like being read by Ian Holloway, stay tuned…

Real “lump in the froat” stuff.

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  1. Mr Sensible says:

    Not really that unique, this is the same design as Macron’s kit for Napoli, just in desert camo colours.

    Still being made to make profit.

    • HCH says:

      I think the unique element is to be found in the gesture rather than your trainspotterish knowledge of world football club kits. Here is a football club which last year turned down shirt sponsorship from a payday loan company to promote a prostate cancer charity, for a second year running actually doing something for the greater good rather than just talking about it.

      The fact that the kit is being sold (as opposed to all those not for profit replica shirts sold by other clubs you seem to think exist) with 20% of the retail price going to a rehabilitation centre is “a good thing”. Therefore say something nice or say nothing at all.

      • wicky says:

        Well josh if and when the day comes that you need those so called brute to protect yout country,your home and your friends and family you will be turning down their help will you?

  2. Joss Sheldon says:

    I really don’t believe football should get involved in politics.

    British soldiers have left a trail of blood behind them throughout history, tearing countries apart; leaving children without parents, wives without husbands, and parents without children. They’ve murdered, destroyed and terrorised wherever they’ve gone.

    For Millwall to glory these malicious brutes is beyond reprehensible. They should be condemned and punished for this piece of pro-war propaganda. I encourage Millwall and Brentford fans to boycott this game.

    Peace not war. Love not hate. Civilians not soldiers.

  3. theOs says:

    Mr Sensible… Oh the irony…

  4. Mr Sensible says:

    I’m not saying it isn’t a nice gesture, just the cynic in me can see that Macron/Millwall are still making money out of this which isn’t really right.

    If this is purely a good will gesture then don’t make £40 from every shirt sold, that is clearly covering more than just costs. Cover you costs then give the rest to charity, otherwise this is sadly an excuse to make money out of Remembrance Day.

  5. wicky says:

    I think if you all read the statement on the clubs website it says nothing of a percentage being donated.It states that all proceeds of sales will be donated….

  6. MFCLION says:

    Thanks joss for your comment one word for you TRAITOR

  7. Daniel says:

    ALL PROFITS GO TO CHARITY! For once why can’t people see beyond the fact it’s Millwall. As for the bloke going on about British soldiers, why don’t you stop trolling, or if you really feel that way, move to a country that think the same way as your pathetic self. Prick

  8. Joss Sheldon says:

    MFCLION: I’m not a traitor. I oppose the army because I consider it my patriotic duty to do so. It’s the soldiers who are traitors. They’re the ones which bring this country into disrupt every time they murder an innocent child or destroy a sovereign country.

    Daniel: I’m not trolling, I’m critiquing this piece of propaganda and voicing an alternative opinion which I hope is informative and thought provoking. I have lived in other countries before and I will do again – I’m a citizen of the World. But I will not be forced to live in one country or another just because someone else tells me to. That is the sort of intimidation used by soldiers, and I’m above that.

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