Photos: Everton 0-2 Liverpool, Premier League

Ollie Irish

30th, November 2009


To sum up: Liverpool played well but had all the luck, while Everton clearly lacked confidence – not to mention Mikel Arteta. But this wasn’t a vintage Merseyside derby, tbh. Neither goal was a thing of beauty, but winning ugly was just what Rafa Benitez needed.

Pies has a terrific photo gallery from Goodison, though:


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Everton's Jack Rodwell poses for a photo with fans before the game.

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  1. Paul says:

    carragher is a smackhead FACT

  2. clusy says:

    Are you ‘avin a laff????

    Liverpool played well??? Did you watch this game with the telly screen off and Radio 5 on???

    Liverpool were SH*TE FACT!!!!!

    Two crap goals com[pletly against the run of play, if not for Reiner in goal Everton would have had that game about 4-1…

  3. Roro says:

    GURN alert on pic 16 (Stevie G)

  4. Toffee says:

    “Liverpool played well but had all the luck”

    Everton having the majority of possession and with 85% of the match taking place in Liverpool’s half – says otherwise.

    Everton battered them and dominated the match and the RS did their usual cheating bit.


  5. Nenge Mboku says:

    Ifithadnthavebeenfortherscheating…Everton lost because they didnt take their chances not because of cheating, get over it. Liverpool rode their luck but were due some after extreme bad luck at sunderland and twice against lyon. Liverpool still dont look good enough for a top 4 spot at present whilst everton look to be in for a relegation scrap unless they also improve

  6. MattyDub says:

    What kit is Cahill wearing, the training top? I like that

  7. greta says:

    love carragher. say what you like about liverpool’s play, but the defence was supreme. fact.

  8. city is ours says:

    liverpool got played off the pitch and their fans wer terrible aswel. started making sum noise in the 85th minute. cant believe they get called best fans in the world. everton fans outsing them in every derby even wen their winning! which to be fair is most of the time! but still ur fans r sh*t glory hunting foreign scum bags

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