Football GIF: Everton’s Kevin Mirallas Only Sees Yellow For Horror Challenge On Liverpool’s Luis Suarez

Alan Duffy

23rd, November 2013


By Alan Duffy

For some bizarre reason, referee Phil Dowd only booked Everton’s Kevin Mirallas for this horrendous challenge of Luis Suarez. Either Dowd failed to see the true extent of the challenge or he really doesn’t like Suarez. Either way, Mirallas should have seen red.


GIF: 101gg

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  1. Ty T says:

    Another deplorable Saurez dive…

  2. LDJR says:

    The blue shite should have been sent off twice. Dowd let too much go, there could have been two or three bitters sent off.

  3. syndex says:

    because there is no such thing as a foul on suarez is pure existence is ungentlemanly conduct btw any gifs of saint gerrard’s elbow

  4. MrConbo says:

    I don’t like Suarez but that’s definately a red.

  5. Holland 1945 says:

    Karma for Suarez stamping (and subsequently injuring) Mirallas last year. He escaped a red then and also went on to rake Distin’s achilles in another missed red card offence. So forgive me for not giving a shit.

  6. BigDunc says:

    Well done Kev, lad! It’s only a shame you didn’t cripple that goofy, racist cheating cunt! About time someone gave that bitch something to roll around about!

  7. Fats says:

    Who cares, really? It was a shocking tackle and deserved a red, but Suarez has been courting at least one of those ever since he came to England. He’s a snide, a stamper, a biter, a racist and a serial diver. It’s a shame he managed to get up.

  8. Anonymous says:

    It really doesn’t matter that it happened to Suarez. Nobody should be flying into tackles like that I think you would be hard pressed to say it was not intended. Either that or he has the worst tackling and deft perception in any professional football player.

  9. JJM says:

    With comments like these, I can’t wait for him to get the hell out of England. Too good for your tripe.

  10. Neil says:

    Horrible comments here. There are so many players that do so much worse that Suarez, but the public being the sheep that they are choose to just follow the media spotlight on Luis. Mirallas should have seen red and gotten a ban on top of it for that tackle. He knew exactly what he was doing

  11. Chris says:

    I counted three times Mirallas shouldve been sent. The elbow on Henderson, the intentional handball in the 2nd half and that tackle.

  12. george says:

    Any chance the FA will issue a retrospective ban? I thought they were cracking down on potential leg breakers?

  13. syndex says:

    If Suarez is writhing on the floor in agony its because he is a cheat not because another player has hurt him,if he is flying in the air like a ballet dancer stepped on a mine its because he is a cheat not because a player has gone through on him. The horn has sounded and it is open season because the boy has cried wolf on too many times the punishment fits the crime. If you think that tackle was harsh wait till some of the prems proper hard players get a chance, time to renew the passport for a January trip to Spain where cheating is part of the game.

  14. Chris says:

    Sorry make that four things – the stamp on Suarez’s neck.

  15. Sewage Stan says:

    Great comments.

  16. BigDunc says:

    Of course Kev knew what he was doing – that’s what makes it all the more beautiful to watch over and over again. – I mean, er, aww boohoo, poor lfc, victims yet again, this time of a refereeing misjudgement – probably would have won the league but for that eh lads?!

  17. john rushing says:

    his foot nearly got up to eric cantona height.

  18. Dj says:

    Disgraceful comments on here.

    It was a cowards tackle by a shithouse player.

    If Suarez had done the same it would be front page news around the world. But then he is Luis Suarez and mirallas is just some bloke that plays for Everton!

  19. Wilson says:

    He put Mirallas out for 2 months last season, Suarez should be grateful Mirallas’ payback left him still able to walk and score the equaliser. Still its definitely a red though.

  20. BigDunc says:

    Shh! Shh! Please can everyone be quiet!!! I’m trying to listen to that tiny violin playing for poor lil Luis….. perhaps lfc could release a christmas record in support of this poor victim of sporting injustice? (“dont boot-a the puta” – its a working title)

  21. Taximan says:

    I have read all the posts on here and am disgusted at some of your comments. OK suarez has been a bad boy in the past and paid for his crimes, that does not take away from the fact that he is one of the best three strikers in the world right now.
    Football is a sport much loved around the globe and skill from the likes of suarez, messi and so on deserves to be honoured not lambasted but when someone purposely goes in studs first to destroy a players career then the likes of miralles should get a punishment equal to the crime and be banned for life.
    All you clowns saying suarez deserves what he got are not football fans, your a bunch of sad yobs who watch football because you have nothing better to do.
    I hope the FA do look into the incident further and do what,s right, not for suarez, for football.

    Everton fan

  22. A6 says:

    Suarez is a great player- fantastic skill and always gives maximum effort. I feel sorry for all non-LFC supporters, because he’s not your player. I can see this causes bitterness and envy that seems to be eating you up. I hope you all find peace in your lives. Namaste. :-)

    • Chris H says:

      You call Suarez a racist and yet say a comment like ‘mickey mouse country. So typical of the precious attitude prevalent towards racism still in England. Need I point towards the great John Terry?? Same offence different punishment. However, I digress.

      And your comments about Hillsborough the musical is so typical of a moron like yourself. I only hope you don’t happen to suffer the pain and loss of a loved one in those circumstances (whether it be a Hillsborough or Heysel).

      Just go back and disappear into your little world.

  23. BigDunc says:

    And where are the comments talking bad about Suarez about what he did to Miralles in the last derby – putting him out for months, or Distin – raking down his ankle, or plenty of other players – or has that all been washed away? (and yes, that is hypothetical for all you dumb “life long” lfc fans from norway or thialand or whatever mickey mouse country you are from). He spends so much time rolling around on the floor you’d think he’d been shot or was auditioning for a part in Hillsborough The Musical. (hopefully Kev will break his leg in the next derby). Still, there’s always “next year” eh lads – why break the habit of a lifetime.

  24. BigDunc says:

    I would like to retract my previous comment – it is not at all fair to tarnish the average norwegian or thia with the same brush as all lfc fans. I know that. I apologize. For it was not thais or norwegians who went on the rampage in Heysel or killed that Bulgarian lad…… my apologize to those readers from those nations. (heaven forbid anything should detract from lfc victim mentality). How unfair is it the league has to run until the summer. #LFCForever #NextYearNextYear

  25. JollyboyJohn says:

    How many comments do you need to leave BigDunc? you sound a littlle bit off in the head, maybe just relax and try not to get so wound up about Liverpool, maybe you won’t sound like such a moron again. It was a straight Red on this occasion no ifs no buts.

  26. Dave says:

    Always the victims.

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