Everton Two, Liverpool One

Ollie Irish

17th, July 2009


Everton’s new store is located in Liverpool’s biggest shopping mall, aka Liverpool One.
Whoever decided to call the store Everton Two has my undying respect.
Everton’s megastore, located at Goodison Park, is now called Everton One. Brilliant.

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  1. peterb17 says:

    did they know that the Everton One shop is located in the district Liverpool 4.
    Thats the joke now Everton 2 is in Liverpool 1
    Everton 1 is in Liverpool 4
    Liverpool win on aggregate

  2. Ollie says:

    Ha, love it.

  3. Ben says:

    Pathetic attempt by the sock robbers to get one up on the Mighty Red Men. Cos they’ll never see that scoreline being red out by Stelling on the telly. YNWA! Justice! SOS DIC!

  4. Bazza says:

    typical glory hunter who doesn`t know history of Liverpool.Sock robbers hahaha get back to Dublin!! “YMCA” whats all that about you beaut !!
    Go home and wash your kit ready to watch your matches in the pub

  5. Keith says:

    Already Liverpool fans starting to show how bitter they can be. In actual fact, the Everton One store’s first 2 lines of address is Everton One, Walton. Hardly the same effect at all, but I guess with you already being from Liverpool you would have knew that already eh?

  6. Phil says:

    LOL @ Keith. Get a sense of humour mate, you’ll need it.

  7. mike johnson says:

    we wont hear it read out by stelling we will be at the game unlike you norweigen arse holes

  8. Boss Donkey says:

    Good move Everton. All you need now is someone to shop in it. There’s a problem straight away. The People’s Club!? Ha ha. Where are the people Everton? The Blue third of Merseyside don’t seem to want to spend their cash. Both Everton stores will turnover less than the Liverpool shop in Liverpool 1.

  9. Frank Brank says:

    Donkey. You are living in dream world mate

  10. Dave says:

    What a bitter load of red pricks you lot are. Its no wonder the rest of the prem despise you.Im sure Everton have done this tongue in cheek as a bit of light hearted banter but you vile arseholes are always on the defensive and need to learn to lighten up. Sock robbers? Better than robbing tickets off your own fans in Athens.

  11. Bazza says:

    Oh yeh forgot about that little episode in Athens………scum….and Dave was right the rest of the prem despise you.Think your still a big club…..well blackburn have won the prem more times than you,now go wash your kit ready to watch the next instalment of “Its our year this time”

  12. alex says:


  13. Anonymous says:


  14. Dave says:

    Tit indeed.They win on aggregate,makes a nice change.Anything they win is usually on penalties.

  15. Anonymous says:

    The rest of the prem despise us???
    You mean Tottenham hate us more than they do Arsenal?
    Fulham hate us more than they do Chelsea?
    Newcastle hate us more than they do Sunderland or Boro (not prem still)?
    Bitter blues are so deprived of any success that they seek out the tiniest thing that may make them think that they are better than the rest…
    Tell me ma me ma how many season tickets unsold at Goodison yet???

  16. Bazza says:

    Don’t hate on me, people. The government has just took away my family’s dole and I can’t watch the Toffees on our rented TV anymore. They learned that my mother suck ballsacks in front of Goodison gate for 20 p, so no there’s no benefits for my inbred family of unemployed socks-robbing leeches

  17. Lil Bazza says:

    Bazza stop about r mum like that!!!!
    she needs to feed the family
    fuckin backward armchair twat

  18. stoke fan says:

    evertton 2 is a stroke of genius but liverpool f.c. is still the ONLY good team in mersyside.the only chance everton have of beating liverpool is in an egg and spoon race

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