Joleon Lescott wants to leave Everton. Disappointing but inevitable

Ollie Irish

4th, August 2009


Joleon Lescott wants to leave Everton. Their new home kit has been cited as a key factor
Seriously though, can you really blame Lescott for being tempted by a contract that is at least twice as fat as the one he’s currently picking up? Of course not. After all, he left Wolves before to go to a bigger club for more cash, and if he goes to Man City, he’s doing pretty much the same thing. That’s the way a career works. It’ll be very disappointing for the Toffees if the move happens though. I feel your pain.
I can imagine Everton fans shouting at their computer screens at the unfairness of it all: “But we’re a bigger club than City and we finished above them last season!!”
Yes, Everton did finish above City last season, but that was last season. Since then, City’s money has changed the Premier League landscape beyond recognition. And anyway, these days the “size” of a club is measured by the zeros on its bank statement, not by the trophies in the club museum. On those shiny new terms, Everton can’t hope to win a straight fight against the Man City monster. And hell, if Arsenal can’t keep its players from running off to Eastlands, I don’t think David Moyes stands much of a chance of keeping his stars. As for Lescott’s five-year contract, which has almost four years left on it, well… the cold reality is, contracts mean nothing in football today. Much like the concept of loyalty, in fact.
Still, I hope Everton squeeze every last penny out of City. Apparently they’ve already turned down a couple of City’s bids for Lescott (£15m and then £18m, according to reports), but it’s so difficult to stop a player moving on if his heart is set on it. Where there’s a will etc.
What is certainly true in all of this is that Man City are wasting no time in alienating fans of every other club in the Premier League. Much like Chelsea did when Roman Abramovich first appeared. I have always liked City but a man is entitled to change his mind. Just ask Joleon Lescott…

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  1. MattyDub says:

    I think he should stay, and whilst the top 4 are preoccupied by City, Everton can sneak into 4th place…
    Shame though, I think staying at Everton would do more for his England ambitions than going to City, as City are guarenteed to ship more goals.
    Will have to remove him from my Fantasy team now!!

  2. David Allison says:

    Going a little bit off-topic, whilst Man City are alienating fans of other clubs by pinching their best players, it’s not quite as bad as Roman Abramovich’s Chelsea. Whereas Chelsea assembled a team of twats such as Drogba, Cole, Ballack, Mikel, Carvalho, etc, City have acquired (with the exception of Adebayor) players who you you actually quite like – Barry, Santa Cruz, Toure, De Jong, Kompany, Lescott (?), Tevez (unless you’re a Red). Just an observation…

  3. Mark Jones says:

    Davie Moyes says that even when Abramovich arrived Chelsea tried to dfo their transfer dealings ‘the right way’ and Man City haven’t.. SO it must be particularly bad if you make Chelsea look ethical

  4. David Allison says:

    Haha, that’s a fair point…! Unless Moyes is a) feeling jealous, b) fed up of big bullies…

  5. Irish Spur says:

    This is a tradegy for him and Everton, he will only be considered by most to be money grabbing, if City do not make top 4 the defence will be blamed they will get other Centre Backs in and he will become a memory, its bad for Everton as with Him you are challengers for Top4 with Senderos you will be also runs

  6. AdsEFC says:

    im a blue through and through but if lescott wants to go and city want to pay silly money for a guy who was pretty average last season then i think its good for both clubs. i ont be sad to see him go but i think moyes will spend 22+ million very wisely,
    Lescott has got to think of himself in this, he isnt an everton fan, he is a brummie and the chance of double or triple wages would be too good to turn down, lets be honest at the end of his football career i cant see him being a tv pundit looking like that!!
    also if lescott is worth 22 million in cities eyes i wonder how much Jags is worth, 40 million?

  7. ian says:

    city are in no way a bigger club look at the tradition of both clubs players produced and most importantly the trophy cabinet for every time city have won the top flight league everton have won it 4 1/2 times terrible journalism

  8. big fat sugar daddy city fan says:

    reading the comments on here and most other bloggs its ashame all the vitriol aimed at us,what you have to think of is the fact that if you seriously want to try and be successful then you have to have shit loads of dosh,then buy decent players that are no doubt going to upset their managers if they leave,i challenge anyone how this can be done any differently,if success or even trying to become successful annoys other fans,then quite simply from everyone at man city,FUCK OFF

  9. Anonymous says:

    And hell, if Arsenal can’t keep its players from running off to Eastlands, I don’t think David Moyes stands much of a chance of keeping his stars.
    Did Wenger even try to keep them? He let them go a little to easy if you ask me. I reckon Wenger has a couple of cards up his sleeves and instead of weakening Arsenal, City might have actually strengthen them.

  10. Paul66 says:

    Big Fat sugar daddy city fan, thanks for your words of wisdom as Mr Moyes said “You have no class”

  11. K says:

    I love how the tables have turned with City fans. If this would be any other club, they would be ranting and raving about how the club is classless and is trying to buy their way to the top. But it’s different when it’s City!!!!!
    But yeah, money talks. He’ll probably go.
    What makes me laugh is how pretty much all of the new players at City, when doing interviews, have talked about how they had no choice but to take the higher wages or concentrated more on their own clubs. Try to focus on your new super team, yea?
    As for City not having this money last year, they DID have this money last season. the problem is that last season, only the REALLY money hungry players wanted to go to them. Now they’ve had a bit of time to try to make an excuse about how they’re ‘going to help City win trophies!!!! and um…yeah my wages have trebled but I swear it’s nothing to do with it!’ so they don’t look like as much of a greedy cunt as Robinho.

  12. sam anjorin says:

    i believe everton are very tempted by the offer and are rather pleased lescott is the one who has come out and handed in his transfer request (according to various reports) so everton fans do not see it as everton becoming man city’s feeder club.
    i have a sneaky feeling a very good bit of business could be done between arsenal and everton in relation to lescott heading to emirates in exchange for senderos plus cash..i believe all parties would be pleased with that outcome to an extent.

  13. wllmhll says:

    he should stay i reckon, but it is a good piece of business.

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