New York City FC Star Andrea Pirlo Has Sandwich Created In His Honour

Alan Duffy

18th, August 2015

You know you’ve made it in New York when they name a sandwich after you, and that’s the very honour that one Manhattan deli has bestowed on New York City superstar signing Andrea Pirlo.


Speciality sandwich shop No.7 Sub, in conjunction with Howler magazine, have created ‘the Pirlo’ which, unsurprisingly, is an extravaganza of Italian foodstuffs.  On a bed of white Italian bread, a trio of classic Mediterranean ingredients – salami, fried zucchini and mozzarella are included along with the curveball addition of pickled blueberries. Which seems odd to me!

Although not as odd as the misspelling of the man’s name on the shop’s board…


Presumably each ingredient represents one the midfielder’s talents, but I’ve tried to make that work and I simply can’t/couldn’t be arsed. So there. It does look nice though. And it would more than likely go very nicely with a glass of red..


Surely they should do something similar in the Premier League. Maybe a beef bap for Wayne Rooney?


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