Footballers who Tweet, No.1: Brian Ching

Ollie Irish

2nd, July 2009


On Twitter, the Houston Dynamo striker styles himself as “an active guy who loves to surf and who plays soccer for a living. Can’t complain.”
The Chingster’s positive attitude makes a refreshing change from many Prem stars, who don’t seem to know they’re born. Plus he Tweets regularly, on all manner of subjects.
Sample Tweets (you may notice that Brian loves his food):

“Great breakfast. Not the healthiest but tasty. Waffle with two over easy eggs and a sausage. Plus a cinnamon roll. Haha.”
“Waffles with fruit on it is the best breakfast food EVER.”
“Got to love off days. Out at ranch again having breakfast on the front porch doing the crossword. Peaceful”
“Getting ready for my favorite pre game meal, steak. Been thinking about this all day.”
“Late night snacking haha”

Yep, this guy does a lot of thinking with his stomach. We like.
Follow Brian on Twitter (We do; and follow Pies too, if you like)