‘His Team Have Class, Pity He Doesn’t’ – Tim Sherwood Loses Faith In Benfica Coach Jesus Over Finger Gesture

Chris Wright

14th, March 2014


By Chris Wright


Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood has accused his Benfica counterpart, Jorge Jesus, of a “lack of class” following a touchline flair-up during the latter stages of last night’s Europa League last-16 first-legger at White Hart Lane.

Jesus appeared to hold up three fingers at Sherwood after his went 3-1 up through centre-back Luisao’s second goal of the game, with Sherwood then accusing the Sandi Toksvig-a-like Benfica coach of being a bloody rotten cad and a scurrilous bounder after the game.

“I thought his team were very good, got a lot of class,” Sherwood mithered. “It’s a pity he doesn’t.”

For the record, there was no post-match handshake between the two, and, also for the record, Jesus’ finger gesture was by far not the weirdest thing he did all evening – far from it.

Indeed, that prize should be awarded for his “gnome dance” celebration after Benfica’s first goal…