Transfer Balls: Arsenal Sign Karim Benzema And Edinson Cavani On A TalkSport Deadline

Paul Sorene

20th, August 2015


Transfer Balls brings you the mega news that Arsenal have signed Karim Benzzzzzzzzema.

Like you, we’re getting tired to the rumours that Karim Benzema is going Arsenal. Every summer since 2013, the France and Real Madrid striker has been heading to the Gunners.




Here’s the 2014 vintage…


And 2013…



Things have gotten a tad more interesting this year.

The Daily Telegraph reported on August 7th 2015 that Benzema to Arsenal was a done deal…

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 16.55.43

He never did arrive. Friday came and went. Comme ci, comme ca.

However, today Talksport says Real Madrid have accepted Arsenal’s £48million offer for Benzema. The source for this scoop is none other than former QPR forward Rodney Marsh.

Everyone else soon agrees that Rodney (or more accurately, a mate of Rodney’s) is a reliable source for Real Madrid and Arsenal news and the “story” gains traction across the internet.

The desperate Telegraph announces: “Arsenal transfer news and rumours: Real Madrid accept £48m offer for Karim Benzema.”

The paper quotes Marsh: 

I had a phone call from a mate of mine, and he’s been right on many things, and he said that he believes Real Madrid have accepted a bid somewhere in the region of £48million for Benzema from Arsenal.

In the past this guy has always been right, he’s never been wrong yet, so we’ll have to wait and see.

That’s good enough for the Daily Star to declare it a “DONE DEAL”…

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 16.59.56

Over in the Metro, the Benzema deal is off! The paper knows this because it’s read a tweet from talkSPORT journalist Ian Abrahams…

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 17.01.50

Editorial meetings at TalkSPORT must be fantastic.

Editor: “What do you have new and shouty?”

Marsh: “A mate of mine says Benzema has signed for Arsenal”

Ed: “Brilliant!”

Abrahams: “Someone told me Arsenal want Cavani and Benzema isn’t interested in Arsenal”

Ed: “Brilliant. It’s time for a heated debate!”

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  1. Princeton Jallah says:

    I am not show of benzema deal man

  2. alex_sing_song says:

    There is literally more chance of Jimmy Saville starting a very successful child-minding company than there is of Arsenal signing Benzema or Cavani, let alone both of them! (and not because Benzema isn’t available for the right price, or wouldn’t be tempted, or wouldn’t improve Arsenal but because when you have a dithering old age pensioner in charge of your club who is YEARS behind the modern game, you dont get the likes of Benzema or Cavani, you get the Kim Kalstroms of the world. On loan. On deadline day. But who are already out injured for 3 months).

    • Reed says:

      Ozil, Cazorla, Alexis Sanchez, Petr Cech. Four class players Arsenal signed in the past few years which are “the likes of Benzema or Cavani” in talent and international recognition. Everyone signs duds, too. How many duds (in addition to good players) have Chelsea and Man City signed and sold in the past few years? I could name several star players and as well as players that didn’t work out. It happens. To single out one loan signing that didn’t work out as representative of Arsenal’s transfer dealings in the past few years is a ludicrous form misrepresentation and willful blindness.

  3. David Hoffenheim says:

    Another great article from Paul ‘The News Aggregator’

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