Rave Dog Delighted That Cesc Fabregas Is Staying At Arsenal

Ollie Irish

6th, August 2010


By Ollie Irish

Rave Dog, who is an Arsenal fan, understands that Cesc Fabregas is staying in north London for one more year…

That’s the word. Apparently Cesc will announce today his intention to stay at Arsenal for at least one more season. And… relax.

It’s reasonable to assume Fabregas will give Arsenal one more year of lovely passes and runs into the box, before returning to his spiritual home in an escape pod.

As for villainous Barca, I hope some of their legs fall off.

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  1. King Richard says:

    Remember, Remember. If we had the Arsenal lots of fans would like to see, we’d have been taken over by some consortium or tycoon years ago, probably up to our necks in debt like United, Liverpool and Barcelona and have some pumper like Ancelotti in charge! We’d be playing a rigid tactical formation with all our £30m players and perhaps we’d have won a trophy to parade on our pre-season tour of China! Some guys just don’t get it. They can’t see the beauty and simplicity of our current set up. They can’t see that we are so close to finding that winning balance and mentality, without overspending, without changing the system. This season you will see Frimpong and Wilshere in the mix while Liverpool (If they can find another couple of bookies to buy them) and Man City try to round up the top stars and fast track a trophy. I so so hope that doesn’t happen here, and the day it does, my Gold Membership will make way for a Red one. I for one hope our structure and system continue to be a beacon of sensibility amidst the twisted logisticians at work around us. Back the Manager, Back the board for this is an absolutely fantastic club, win or lose.

  2. Stew says:

    Brilliant King Rich!

    Absolutely spot on…too many spolit brats for fans…

    I feel they would moan, whatever happens!

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