Aston Villa To Sign Darren Bent For £18m

Ollie Irish

17th, January 2011


By Ollie Irish

The Midlands, here I come

Looks very much like Aston Villa will sign striker Darren Bent from Sunderland this week, for a reported fee of £18m – Sunderland have apparently accepted Villa’s bid, and now Bent only has to agree personal terms (own car-park space etc.) and pass a medical. Who saw this coming!?

Objectively, that is A LOT of money for a player of Bent’s calibre. But the fee is moot, ultimately. The most important thing to remember here: Villa’s current crop of goalscorers is not very good at scoring goals; whereas Bent is pretty good at scoring goals, as he’s proved in the Premier League, and so he is exactly what Villa need – as such, £18m might prove to be a perfectly reasonable price for Bent. And can you see Villa attracting anyone better at that price? I can’t.

An Opta stat morsel: Since August 2005 Bent has scored 81 Premier League goals. Only Wayne Rooney and Didier Drogba (82) have scored more goals in the same period. Impressive.

One can also guess that Sunderland are about to make Danny Welbeck’s loan move permanent, and perhaps Jordan Henderson will move to Old Trafford as part of that equation. After all, we know that Fergie is a big fan of the young English midfielder.

What do you think of this business?

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  1. Plolde says:

    They can have Bent, the way he has been missing lately has gotten me furious over his poor performance.

  2. Chris says:

    What? Wait…what? That’s Sunderland (6th) and Villa (17th)?

    Jesus, the money most be crap on Wearside.

  3. Andrew Thompson says:

    dont really know what people are complaining about.

    Bent is definitely worth 18 million

  4. Rich says:

    makes you think how long houllier’s got because bent isn’t young so even if he does fire for 2/3 years it won’t be worth it and also…why was o’neill not told about this money lerner learnt (see what i did there) he had behind the sofa

  5. […] rumour has it that Villa will accept Liverpool’s bid if and/or when they are able to wrap up the prospective purchase of Sunderland striker Darren Bent at some point within the next couple of […]

  6. Boss says:

    This is fukkinn disgraceful, cause he’s english he’s worth 18 million. Fuk off there’s not 1 english player worth that and this ballbag getting on twitter every minute talkin shit oh yeah he’ll be great for the dressing room.

    Bunch of fukkkkin twats.

    The english are so far up their own arse its laughable. Can you imagine what the Italians and Spanish are thinking when this monkey is rated at 18 million, he couldn’t score in a brothel.

    Good time to leave a club that might be battling the drop……….. right in the middle of the season.

  7. Nick says:

    18million hahahhaha jesus christ. What is going on, more like 8million, even that is a tad much!! Ridiculous.

    Plus why the hell go villa? You dont even make sense bent.

    @Boss – what you on about the english are so far up their own arse…. shutup muppet.

  8. Boss says:

    @ Nick

    You agreed with everything I said. Why do you think he was sold for 18 mill? Cause he’s english and over rated. Thats why england have a bad team because mediocre players are hyped up to be something their not.

    Up your own arse you.


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