Disgusted At Their Own Team, Racing Club Fans Pelt Players With Crutches (Video)

Chris Wright

20th, April 2012


By Chris Wright

My my, it’s just one big, happy family at Racing Club at the moment.

Days after a 4-1 derby loss against despised local rivals Independiente saw their coach resign and their super-fruit-loop-loco Colombian striker Teofilo Gutierrez go paintball gun-happy on his own teammates in the dressing room afterwards (incidentally, Gutierrez has since been loaned out to Lanus), comes this debacle…

Racing fans showed their disgust at their side’s ailing league form by hurling over a dozen pairs of crutches onto the pitch during their Copa Argentina game against Sarmiento (Racing won 2-0) on Wednesday night.

Racing’s new coach Luis Zubeldia told the local press:

“The fans’ reaction is logical in a country that experiences football (in the exaggerated) way we do here, but I hope they’ll support us as they always have.”

It ain’t looking good Luis, it ain’t looking good.

While we’re on the subject: How in the name of high heaven did those fans manage to sneak 12 pairs of crutches into the stadium. Did the chaps on the turnstiles not notice a suspicious upturn in the amount of ‘twisted ankles’ suffered just outside the stadium that night?

Via Guardian

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  1. Mr. Sparkle says:

    It’s South America, I’m sure a few bribes go a long way. Besides, Inter fans snuck a motorino/vespa into San Siro before. I doubt it’s that hard to sneak things in if you really want to.

  2. WildScotsman6 says:

    Who was that team that snuck a coffin into the match once? Had a body in it and everything! So yeah… prolly can get a lot of things in…

  3. dbm says:

    Well that’s a bit much!

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