Portland Timbers Fans Perform Enormous ‘Wizard Of Oz’ Tifo Against Seattle Sounders (Photo & Video)

Chris Wright

25th, August 2014


By Chris Wright

Sounders Timbers Soccer

They may have lost the actual game 2-4, but Portland Timbers got their MLS clash against their main rivals Seattle Sounders off to a flyer by unfurling an astounding ‘Wizard of Oz’ themed tifo before kick-off which showed Dorothy traipsing away from the Emerald City (i.e, Seattle) after setting it alight with petrol…

Here it is in action…

As previously mentioned, Obafemi Martins went on to nab himself a couple of goals in a fairly convincing 2-4 away victory for the Sounders, but it was the Timbers who definitely came away with the spoils in the all-important pre-game tifo wars.

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  1. pedja says:

    honestly, there are a dozen better choreographies every weekend in random european leagues,even in lower division. just becase its from the US, its worth writing about? MLS is more of a comedy, notthing to be taken serious, please don’t start giving it a platform.

  2. Martin says:

    @pedja: I hardly think Pies is a MLS platform as they focus mostly on the Premier League first, other important European leagues second, and then provide news about interesting occurrences in other leagues around around the world third. Given that and the tone of your post, my guess is that you take issue with MLS and the US in general. By comparison of skill (if that’s what makes it a joke), then most other lower leagues that you reference–barring perhaps the Championship–would also be a joke and not worth ever covering. Don’t worry, though: I’m sure the Pies’ writers will keep your well-informed opinions in mind when choosing what they write about next time.

  3. heinz says:

    @pedja – This is a showcase of passion by the fans. For a big derby match in the USA. MLS is getting bigger in the US which is cool. Plus its called “soccer” when we do better than England, which we have done at the last two world cups…………………………………………

  4. Nicklas says:

    @heinz you confuse your point when you argue about about “soccer vs football” but use the phrase “derby” earlier in the same paragraph.

    England did exactly the same as the US in the 2010 WC. Do us all a favor and go back to watching pawnstars or something.

  5. Jeff says:

    @pedja man talk about being insecure. Sounds like you’re really scared of mls growing.

  6. Jarren says:

    The comments above me remind me of Yotube.


    It was an epic Tifo. It does not matter WHERE it was.

    Everyone just shut the fuck up and join hands in admiration.

  7. Matt says:

    Portland is right; there’s no place like home. More like “there’s no place like Portland’s home for Seattle”, as Seattle has scored 8 in 2 games in Portland this year.

  8. pedja says:

    @martin i am aware of what this hp is about an i appreciate the news in here. still,as u can see from the post below yours by “heinz”,most americans have a unreproducible evaluation of they’re own league respectively they’re standing in the football-world.so what i ment is givin them a little finger of attention,subsequently they think they deserve the whole hand.my standpoint towards they’re football is quite simple: no fundamental understanding of what its all about in the core – away matches, going to the pitch at the weekend (instead of going to an “showevent”),clubs with TRADITION(!). man seriously,if u ever followed the title ceremony in their sports e.g. NBA: Its the owner of the club who receives the award first (sic!), not the captain or the coach…imagine that in europe,just imagine it. a complete disrespect to what the sport is about.
    Not in a single sentence i spoke about skills (btw i consider championship a league of huge quality) just about the coreographies that are undoubtly better in any european league (from greece to sweeden, from france to russia) then the one in the video.its a nice corepgraphy still,for them maybe special, for me let’s say above average.

    • Kejsare says:

      @pedja Food for thought. The stadium where this game was played has seen soccer matches played there going all the way back to 1893. While it hasn’t been a consistent tradition of the sport on that field, nor professional, it has been around a long one. Longer than you’d expect. I’ll also try not to gloss over the fact that Pele’s last professional match was at this stadium. Two Women’s World Cups have come through (including a semi-final match). And an incredible amount of other history sports wise or not, like Elvis performed there once, NFL, College football, MLB, a ski jump(!).

      We are walking before we run. Lets marvel at that.

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