Uruguayan ‘Keeper Booked After Sarcastically Fetching Stretcher For Time-Wasting Opponent (Video)

Chris Wright

12th, September 2016


Riled by a time-wasting opponent, one Uruguayan goalkeeper decided to go rogue over the weekend in order to speed up his adversary’s recovery from a phantom injury.

Plaza Colonia were trailing 1-0 at home to Rampla Juniors in the Primera Division and desperately chasing an equaliser when the visiting side began to attempt to whittle down the clock.

With a Rampla player sprawling around in faux agony, Plaza Colonia goalkeeper Kevin Dawson took umbrage, sprinted over to the sidelines and fetched a rather sarcastic stretcher onto the pitch for his injured opponent…

Ironically, Dawson was promptly booked for unsportsmanlike behaviour by the referee, though Plaza did go on to rescue a point by virtue of a dramatic 92nd-minute equaliser.

Maybe there is a little justice to be found in this harsh, unfeeling world after all.

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