Bullseye: Argentinian Fan Knocks Drone Out Of The Air With Laser-Guided Toilet Roll Missile (Video)

Chris Wright

18th, July 2017

One freshly-knackered drone (Image via Planeta Gol/Instagram)

When a pesky drone descended over Gimnasia de Mendoza’s big Torneo Federal tie with CA Mitre on Sunday, one fan in the stands demonstrated the proper decorum in dealing with invasive technology.

Armed solely with a roll of toilet paper (or possibly till roll), the Gimnasia supporter sniped the drone out of the air with surgical accuracy, snarling up the rotors and sending the heli-gadget tumbling to the ground below…

Oh, jolly fine shot sir!

Unfortunately for Gimnasia, their players didn’t prove to be quite as precise when it came to the crunch, eventually missing out on promotion to the Nacional B league by losing 4-3 in a penalty shoot-out.

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