Brazil: Vitoria’s Derby Duel Against Bahia Clash Abandoned After 10 Players Sent Off In Red Card Carnage (Video)

Alan Duffy

18th, February 2018


Vitoria versus Bahia: More cards than Clintons! (Image: Flash Scores)

The Brazilian Campeonato Baiano clash between Vitoria and Bahia had to be abandoned after 10 (yes, ten!) players were sent off.

The explosion of dismissals began early in the second-half, after visitors Bahia equalised courtesy of a penalty from Vinicius, who proceeded to celebrate in front of the opposition fans.

Bahia goalkeeper Fernando Miguel was unimpressed and went for Vinicius, leading to an utter free-for-all which would ultimately see eight red cards dished out in the space of a few minutes, including one to a player who got involved in the scrap from the bench.

Two more red cards for Vitoria would follow later on, leaving them down to just six players and giving the officials no option but to end the game 11 minutes early.

Incredible stuff! Both teams can now expect hefty fines, no doubt.

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  1. Jherald Douglāo da Silva Rocha Andrade IV says:

    Tudo muito mal. I went to this game. I was with my young brother Bobson and we went after capoeira. I remember thinking that the fans would hit one and another but we did not. It was crazy like boxing match rsrsrsrsrsrs

  2. maria says:

    The Beeb is reporting it as ten red cards. Anderson the Bahia sub ‘keeper was also dismissed.

  3. Nuno says:

    Ahh, you can always rely on South American football for a good ol’ “football” match like it is the early 1900’s… though I am surprised with all those red cards, that the keeper only got a yellow (he tried to protect the attacker, but he kinda started it) and the attacker got the red card for his bit of provocation (and getting punched without responding)…

  4. Ron says:

    F with that keeper at your own peril. He’s about a foot taller than everyone else. I’d love to be that big, would start even more trouble;)

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