Fall Guy: Jean Meneses Produces Contender For Most Blatant Dive In History During Chilean Top-Flight Clash (Video)

Alan Duffy

21st, March 2018

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The Chilean top-flight produced one of the most appalling dives in the history of football a couple of days ago, with Universidad de Concepcion forward Jean Meneses conning the referee and winning an ultimately match-winning penalty.

With the score 1-1 between Universidad de Concepcion and Colo Colo, and just five minutes to go,  the 25-year-old Meneses nicked the ball off a defender in the box.

However, rather than picking out a team-mate, the attacker decided to produce a dive of utterly remarkable proportions.


What’s worse is that the ref bought it, with Fernando Manriquez stepping up to fire home the resulting penalty and give his side a dramatic 2-1 win.

The win sees Meseses and co. go eighth in the Primera Division, three places behind the wronged Colo Colo.

Dele Alli and Danny Welbeck have a lot to learn.

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1 Comment

  1. Rob says:

    It’s incredible after seeing this and Welbeck Et al doing this every week that FIFA don’t react, if they actually gave a crap about anything but making money that is

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