Lost For Words: South American Commentator Accompanies Speedy Counter-Attack With ‘Car Engine’ Sound Effects (Video)

Chris Wright

7th, February 2019


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Venezuela side welcomed their Brazil counterparts to Rancagua for a Copa Sudamericano Under-20 tie which they ultimately won 2-0.

However, every single nano-second of action on the pitch was overshadowed by the free-form jazz being performed up in the TyC Sports commentary box.

Indeed, with human words failing him, the commentator on duty simply resorted to using loud “car engine” sound effects to convey the speed of the Venezuelan breakaway…

Sterling effort, and ten times more coherent that you’re average Sky Sports/BT Sport babbler.

Michael Winslow would be proud.

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  1. Dildo says:

    I think we should exclude Venezuela y Venezuelans from the news. Who cares about them, they’re fucking animals.

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