Angry David Beckham Gets In Ref’s Face As LA Galaxy Lose Down Under (Video)

Ollie Irish

29th, November 2010


By Ollie Irish

Temper temper…

Calm down Becks, it’s only an exhibition match – albeit one which the Galaxy lost, against the Newcastle Jets. The referee who experienced the hot blast of Beckham’s hairdryer is one Matthew Breeze. Breeze, who used to be a police prosecutor, is Australia’s top ref. He once broke his lawnmower by putting the wrong type of fuel in it.

When he’s not backing the bid or selling underwear or taking his shirt off after games to remind the world that he still can bring the hotness, Beckham can be a petulant old sod, but I suppose that petulance is merely a byproduct of his unflinching competitiveness, so we’ll let him off. He is our petulant old sod, after all.