World Cup: FIFA Confirm Official Tournament Slogans For All 32 Competing Nations, All Well And Truly Terrible…

Chris Wright

25th, May 2018


FIFA have confirmed that all 32 nations set to compete at the 2018 World Cup have settled upon their official tournament slogans.

The slogans were whittled down via a public vote on the FIFA website, leaving us with 32 inspirational mantras that will be plastered across the flanks of team buses, etc.

None of them are good. Some of them are frankly absurd.

Let’s delve in (in alphabetical order)…

Argentina – “Together for a dream”
Australia – “Be brave, be bold, Socceroos in Green and Gold”
Belgium – “Red Devils on a mission”
Brazil – “More than five stars, 200million hearts”
Colombia – “Here goes one dream, three colours and 50million hearts”
Costa Rica – “There is no impossible when a whole country plays”
Croatia – “Small country, big dreams”
Denmark – “Together we make history”
Egypt – “When you say Pharaohs, the world must get up and listen”
England – “Send us victorious”
France – “Your strength, our passion! Come on Les Bleus!”
Germany – “Let’s write history together”
Iceland – “Let’s make our dream come true”
Iran – “80million people, one nation, one heartbeat”
Japan – “It’s time to battle, Samurai Blue!”
Korean Republic – “Tigers of Asia, conquer the world”
Mexico – “Made in Mexico, made for victory”
Morocco – “The Atlas Lions, pride of Morocco”
Nigeria – “The wings of African pride”
Panama – “The force of two seas”
Peru – “We are back! 30million Peruvians are travelling here”
Poland – “Go Poland!”
Portugal – “The past is glory, the present is history”
Russia – “Play with an open heart”
Saudi Arabia – “Desert Knights”
Senegal – “Impossible is not Senegalese”
Serbia – “One team, one dream – Serbia!”
Spain – “Together we are invincible”
Sweden – “Together for Sweden!”
Switzerland – “Four languages, one nation”
Tunisia – “Russia here comes the Eagles, hand in hand players and fans”
Uruguay – “The sun shines in Russia, the sky is all light blue”

There’s a very narrow spectrum on display here, with most of the slogans veering between dull platitudes and pure nonsensical drivel – Egypt, Portugal, Tunisia, we’re looking at you.

If we had to pick a winner, we’d plump for Poland, purely as it would appear an entire nation tossed the FIFA vote off completely.

A people after Pies’ own heart.

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  1. Jon says:

    Panama – “The force of two seas”?! Apparently, I must revise my knowledge in geography.

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