‘Live It Up’ By Nicky Jam (Feat. Will Smith & Era Istrefi) – Official 2018 World Cup Song Is Utterly, Utterly, Inexcusably Dire

Chris Wright

25th, May 2018


Image: FIFA.com

FIFA have revealed the official song for the 2018 World Cup and, to be fair, it’s everything we were expecting it to be.

‘Live It Up’ is a collaboration between Nicky Jam (nope), Era Istrefi (nope) and Will Smith, who grunts a limp rap for about 20 seconds before buggering off.

The central lyrical theme is one of “living it up” as “we’ve only got one life” – a banal motif that is repeated ad nauseum at the expense of any actual meaningful content.

In short, it’s hopeless, vapid tripe and we wish an extended bout of dysentery upon everyone involved…

Brain cells… dying. Send… help.

Oh, in case you were wondering about that whole Jason Derulo thing (you weren’t) we mentioned a month or so back, it turns out that was the official Coca-Cola anthem for the 2018 World Cup – which is an entirely different thing.

Again, chronic dysentery.

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  1. Bismarck Von Heidelschnüffer says:

    Honestly, compared to ‘Waka Waka’ this one is pretty listenable

  2. Gerardo says:

    For a moment i thought that they were using Mental As Anything’s Live It up! It is far better than this drivel…

    “Hey yeah you there with the sad face, come over to my place, let’s live it up!”. Lyrical genius.

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