‘Well Done, Very Big Of You’ – Jack Wilshere Irked By Koscielny Slap (With GIF)

Chris Wright

28th, February 2011


By Chris Wright

Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere has taken to his Twitter account to voice his anger over Barry Ferguson’s taunting of Laurent Koscielny, after the French defender had just ‘destroyed’ himself in the middle of the six-yard box during the Carling Cup final yesterday.

Said Wilshere:

“Well done to the Birmingham City player who slapped Koscielny on the head when they scored, very big of you!”

Which is fair enough really, talk about kicking (slapping) a guy when he’s down.

Shame on you Ferg, shame on you.

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  1. Aish says:

    HAHAHAHHA Classic.

  2. gilly says:

    com on wilshere, admit it he deserved it

  3. VA Red says:

    Barry Ferguson is a bloody c@#t wouldn’t expect anything better from him. Saw it live after the goal… what a classless twat.

  4. arsenalfan says:

    doesn’t surprise me to see birmingham players behaving like wild animals.

  5. noize says:

    He didn’t react therefore knows he deserves it.

  6. Mr.Angry says:

    barry ferguson is a prick….something all fergusons seem to be…….PRICKS!

  7. MaxMad says:

    Set aside your colors and realize this is humiliation of a human, not a club. I feel bad for Koscielny, I mean, he messes up – admittedly – and looks devastated enough as it is. There is no need for a humiliating slap to the head. Ferguson deserves a fine for such a classless act, and a load of respect.

    The sport is getting out of hand nowadays.

  8. Tinez says:

    pretty petty rubbish from ferguson

  9. JJ says:

    No class from an Ibrox c-hun-t… is that news really?

  10. Santi says:

    On another note, there’s an article on yahoo soccer with the title ‘Wenger failed to fill Arsenal’s holes’. Can’t help but feel there’s a pedophile joke in there somewhere.

  11. Scott says:

    Sheer class.

  12. Miguel - NYC says:

    LOL – Like Wilshere has any class in him…Arsenal fans will cry at anything…i guess they have to!

  13. bluesword says:

    fergy wasnt captain, carr was…it seems like this site has a bcfc bias which is kind of disapointing because i really like this site.
    i mean a small relegation fighting yo-yo team beat won its first trophy in over 40 years against one of the best sides in football…and all you guys have to say is how fergy hit koscielny. if nasri did that to ridgewell like that if they had won, there’d probably be an article on how funny it was and how good it was of arsenal to win….and it pisses me off how the only article we get is “koscielny” gives birmingham the cup.” ok so we’re not the most liked team in the world, which is understandable but come on give us some respect…

  14. mike says:

    does this suprise anyone? Ferguson is a total prick.

  15. Richard Keys says:

    I thought it was great when I saw it.

    Take it like a fucking man, you fucked up big time, take the consequences.

  16. Philaldo9 says:

    Onto the ref bringing up the rear after the slap to the head? Clattenburg wasn’t doubling up this weekend was he?

  17. Chris says:

    @Bluesword: Oops, a bit of an mind melt there – changed now.

  18. Gav says:

    @Mr Angry

    Duncan Ferguson isnt a prick and if you think he is go tell him to his face. you wont be the only angry one then

  19. baem says:

    wooof2.. let the arsenal fan barking

  20. Del says:

    @Bluesword: I couldn’t have said it any better myself. For the first time in half a century we WIN something and all people can talk about is Arsenal losing.

    If anyone even watched the match they’ll know we deserved it. We wanted it more, we worked for it more, and we truly deserved it.

    Jack Wilshere thinks he’s so clever, it wasn’t even a slap! It was a friendly pat! XD

  21. ben says:

    all these arsenals fans don’t have a very good memory van nistelrooy missing a penalty springs to mind…….

  22. Grant says:

    It’s things like this that had me go from being happy for Birmingham to actively rooting for them to get relegated this year. It’s understandable that since many of these players haven’t won anything before, they wouldn’t know how to win with class, but somebody like Barry Ferguson who’s played for Rangers should know better. Unfortunately, this and other incidents have demonstrated time and again that Barry Ferguson has no class, and nothing will make me happier than for him to be playing in the Championship next season.

  23. BallyBags says:

    @Ben. Thank you mate.

    You took the words out of my mouth. I’ll never forget when Van Nistelrooy missed that peno.

    Gorilla man Keown, monkey boy ashley cole, german kunt lehman etc……. This was a real disgrace not a little slap in the head.

    Yes, what Ferguson done was bad I agree

  24. Mr.Angry says:

    @ gav

    youl be fuckin angry when i smack your face inn! knobhead

  25. Lorenzo says:

    And what if that slap was meant to console koscielny? A little though genuine act of tenderness and sympathy by ferguson…

  26. Roger says:

    When is little jack rabbit going to stop crying?
    If I were him he best look out for his pedo coach having young looking boys around him.
    Funny how Wenger gets rid of players when they start to look like men.

  27. Matt says:

    hahahaha. NOT FUNNY People/haters.

    1.@ roger – wenger is NOT a pedo. ferguson for man utd is HA. get it through your thick skulls. and wengen does NOT get rid players looking like men. that is just stupid.

    2. i won’t be surprised if what happened to koscielny happened to your team or to your player next that makes THAT schoolboy error haters out there.

    3. people. karma is not a nice thing i’m afraid so watch out your say on here yeah.

    4. Leave jack alone haters out there, he is entitled to his own opinion after all. he was doing what every teammate should do, get behind koscielny for his stupid schoolboy error.

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