Coca-Cola is selling blue Everton cans in Colombia – aka The James Effect

Ollie Irish

14th, September 2020

What did it take for Coca-Cola to bring out a blue can in Colombia? James Rodriguez signing for Everton, that’s what – this will give you some idea of how big of a deal James still is in his home country; he made Coke turn blue.

James billboards also went up in New York and Miami:


It’s amazing how Everton have gone from being one of the least interesting ‘big’ clubs in England to the hippest property in European football, and all it took was a brand-new midfield filled with brilliant players. I’d love to see how their shirt sales in Colombia track, especially if James continues to shine in the Premier League.

P.S. I want an Allan Coke can please – after seeing him walk all over Spurs on Sunday, he’s my new favourite player.

P.P.S. Fun fact: Cazoo (Everton’s shirt sponsor) is Italian slang for ‘penis’. How does Carlo Ancelotti feel about this?

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