Video: David Beckham Makes Comeback For LA Galaxy v Columbus Crew, Booked In Five Minutes

Ollie Irish

13th, September 2010


By Ollie Irish

Highlights of Dave’s ahead-of-schedule comeback after his potentially career-ending Achilles injury (he’s a resilient sod, is Becks). Beckham played the final 20 minutes of LA Galaxy’s 3-1 victory against Columbus Crew, in which time he was booked for a clumsy challenge and scored exactly no goals.

Still, it’s great to see him back in action, running around like a kid; I really admire his guts and enthusiasm. But would I bring him back into the England fold? No way, that ship has sailed. In the light of England’s strong start to its Euro 2012 qualifying group. Fabio Capello must stick with youth and potential – there can be no looking back and no sentimental recalls. Sorry Dave, you’ve had your time at international level.

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  1. Luke says:

    Surely an international friendly though? Maybe against Greece…

  2. samhumphreys says:

    I thought he looked pretty decent there, a short cameo in which he showed decent pace and some nice touches.. I think the ‘bad tackle’ was nothing more than over enthusiasm and wont happen once he gets his fitness back, i think he has enough to show he has still got it on the international stage.

  3. epiblast says:

    From what I understand, the caution was a bit of a joke between Becks and the official as they know each other.

  4. deckard says:

    of course tractor beckham shouldn’t get recalled to england. but apparently he has a management team behind him the size of an army and they’ll no doubt but more than a little pressure on capello for a recall. let the italian not divert from the course he’s taken. i finally admired him he came out he’s finally grown the balls to dump his favourite student. beckham at wc 2010, as a player, would’ve been pathetic enough.

  5. Ted Balls says:

    Is that a tattoo of a baboon on his right side there…?

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